The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

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I am a person who gets dry lips in a flick of seconds if I don’t have a moisturiser on. By moisturiser here I mean a lip balm. I tend to use mostly fruity ones may be because those are the ones most easily available in the Indian market. But this was something different.

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Product Description

Get delicious lips with chocolate and mint. They make lips moist, softer and more hydrated. Apply directly to your lips.


Each 100 gm contains:
• Shea butter – 3%
• Mango butter – 2%
• Caster oil – 5
• Vitamin-E – 0.5%
• Peppermint oil – 1%
Balm base, Natural flavoring and food grade colours.


Rs 295 for a 10 ml product

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In Detail The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you already know how much I am in love with The Nature’s Co products. Gradually I have been hoarding so many of their products lately mainly for the reason that they are an all natural Indian brand which makes class products.

Now, who doesn’t love chocolate. Chocolate flavoured lip balms are nothing new in the market. But I guess these guys are probably the first Indian brand to come up with a chocolate flavoured lip balm. In addition to chocolate, this has a little twist of mint in it.

The packaging is very pretty acrylic cuboid container which is ultra pretty. There is a screw lid on top which keeps the product inside safe. The texture of the product is thin waxy or balmy. I usually swirl my fingers on the surface till I get the desired amount of product on my finger. I find that this product is more meant to be used for prevention of dry lips rather than healing. This does work great at keeping dry lips at bay.It does make my lips soft and supple. The amount of mint is quite small, probably the reason why it didn’t give any significant tingling sensation on my skin.

However I am not sure if this product will work on your chapped lips as a miracle. I have been using this for a month now and usually apply it in the afternoon or evening when I come back from work. Because this does not have an spf in it, I don’t think its the best option for outdoor application. This keeps my lips moisturised for approximately 2-3 hours if I am not eating anything.


Overall I find this is quite a lovely lip balm rather charming because it smells of minty chocolates. If you are a person who loves chocolates, you will love this.

Pros of The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

1. Very cute packaging
2. See through packaging so we know where we are 😀
3. Chocolate and mint flavoured lip balm, you will reach for it often if you love mint chocolates
4. Decently Priced
5. Prevents dry lips
6. Made of all natural ingredients
7. Easily available
8. Non really tinted, so you can wear it beneath your sheer lipsticks
9. Staying power is nice.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

1. Does not heal already chapped lips overnight
2. Tub packaging is not fit to be carried outside

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