neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm Review, Swatches

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neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm Review, Swatches: Hey guys, I will be talking about a lip balm today. I spoke about this brand neoVeda in my last blog post where I talked about their Kumkumadi Oil. If you are interested, please check out that review as well. Today, I am taking you through all about this lip balm.

neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm Review, Swatches

My lips in general are normal to dry. In winters, I often suffer from dry and flaky lips if I am being casual about lip care. In order to keep them soft and plump, I always have to keep on moisturising them.

I don’t know if its only me or some of you can also relate to the fact that my lips only stay smooth and nice when I use certain products. I mean, many a times, products turn out to be rather useless for my lips. For instance, sometimes I will keep on using a lip balm and still my lips will be dry in general. Thats when I know that the product does not suit me. Its not like all the lip balms in the world work equally good for me.

Hence I am pretty skeptical about trying out new products specially for my lips. This time, I gave a shot to this lip soft rose balm by neoVeda. Lets go through my detailed review below.

About neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm

neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm is a special blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, rose essential oil and bees wax. It moisturises dry and chapped lips while making them feel soft and sensuous all day long

  • Lip balm packed with the goodness of rose oil, beeswax, cocoa and shea butter
  • Keeps your lips soft and supple
  • Protects lips from cold and dry weather,
  • Heals chapped lips
  • Softens and smoothes lips
  • Free from paraben, sulphate and silicone
  • No added mineral oil, triethanolamine and phenoxyethanol
  • Cruelty free
  • Ingredients of natural origin (95%)

How to Use neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm

Take small quantity on fingertip and spread evenly on lips.

Ingredients in neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm

Helianthus Annus Seed Oil, Cera Alba, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Garcinia Indica Seed Butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Oil* & CI. No. 12150.

Price of neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm

₹400.00 for 15 mL

neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm Review, Swatches details

In Detail neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm Review, Swatches and My Experience

The neoVeda lip balm comes in an amber coloured small plastic tub with a golden screw lips. Pretty standard packaging. Again, make sure your fingers are clean when you are using the product so that everything stays clean and hygienic. I would have preferred a lipstick like packaging but sometimes the formula of the product isn’t made to be moulded as a lipstick bullet.

This lip calm smells like roses. If you know me, you know I love anything rose. Therefore naturally I love how this smells. It has a balm-y texture. The consistency is quite nice. It looks like its stiff in the tub. But when I take it on my finger, it melts into this soft texture.

How I Use it

So its freezing here in Dholpur (Rajasthan). Last night the temperature was 2 degrees Celcius. Therefore, the beauty addict inside me makes sure I am moisturising my skin properly. I have been using this lip balm at least thrice daily. In the morning, afternoon and then before bed. I just apply it on with clean finger.


So this might look like your very average lip balm with a price tag on the higher side. I must say I have been really liking it. First it is not at all heavy on the lips. Even if I am generous when I apply it, it does not make me look like I have a lot of product on my lips. It stays melted and transparent on the lips, without being too glossy. Shiny yes, but never very glossy.

It definitely heals dry lips. Because it healed my lips when they were too dry. I applied it regularly (a little more generously at night) and within 2 days my lips were basically fine. I have been continuing to use it since then and loving it.

Throughout this season, my lips have stayed moisturised, soft and never dry. Even if I skip or forget to moisturise sometimes, they do not turn very dry. Which means it is not just forming a protective layer (which inhibits moisture from escaping), it is also sending in nourishment to the delicate skin on the lips.

I also apply my lipstick over this lip balm. Because it does not contain silicon, there is no slippery feeling and it does not decrease the staying power of my lipsticks.

If you go through the claims made by the company, they mention it is made of 95% natural ingredients. This is also free of sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and other harmful chemicals. Hence I believe this will suit even the most sensitive skin type beauties.

Overall Verdict

I think this is a great option to consider if you are someone who loves to use natural products. It works nicely and pretty much lives upto all its claims. The minimalistic yet luxe packaging with the effective product inside is a great way to treat yourself this winter season.

Even if you have normal lips, not too dry, I still think you will really like it. Because it really feels like nothing on the lips and yet nourishes the lips from within. One of the very few products which have a long lasting effects on my lips.

More Photos, Swatches

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neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm Review, Swatches blog MBF
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neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm Review, Swatches skin

PROs of neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm

  1. Light weight, luxe, travel friendly packaging.
  2. Smells heavenly (of roses).
  3. Feels light on the lips, yet very moisturising.
  4. Heals dry lips.
  5. Keeps the lips soft, smooth and moisturised.
  6. Even if you skip using it a couple of times, lips don’t become too dry.
  7. Works great alone or under a lipstick.
  8. Free of most commonly known harmful chemicals.
  9. Has some amazing natural ingredients.
  10. Made in India. 🙂

CONs of neoVeda Lip Soft Rose Balm

  1. Slightly heavy on the pocket for a lip balm. But well, because they use mostly all natural products, I can believe the cost. Again, the price is still almost the same as other brands who are based on ayurveda.
  2. Don’t expect this to heal severely dry/chapped lips in a single or couple of days. Give it a little time and exfoliate your lips in order to see results quickly.

MBF Advises

  1. I always keep my lip balm in the pocket of my purse. I keep it handy so that whenever needed, I can just reach and reapply it. Remember to always use clean fingers.
  2. If you suffer from dry chapped lips, always have a lip balm by the side of your bed so that you can apply it every night without miss.
  3. Dry/chapped lips tend to give out a bad impression. Always remember to keep your shoes shining and lips smooth and smiling. 🙂

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