Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review, Swatches

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Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review, Swatches: Hi beautiful, Hope you guys are doing well. We all just love to do nice makeup on ourselves. Whether going out for work, party, on a date or while going out with friends. However, even though we love makeup so much, every time we only want to have a natural look. When we are new to makeup unknowingly, sometimes we make some makeup blunders which may look odd, and instead of paying attention to the products, to satisfy ourselves we say “it’s ok I’m new on this, it will take time to learn”.

Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review, Swatches

Actually, to be honest, I was saying this to myself since long. Learning from someone personally, or by watching youtube, makes us learn many new things but still there are few things that come with practice, like to apply a perfect eyeliner. Also, for something we need a correct product. However perfect we are on applying a foundation we will start getting patches on our face if the product is not good or the application method is wrong.

I was blaming myself that I’m not good at applying foundations and concealer. I was waiting to be a pro so that finally I can purchase a nice and high priced foundation for myself. But as I like to try new products I was not able to control myself & bought this foundation. Now, after using this foundation & Blender, I realise how wrong I was since all these years. It was not me who was not well trained it was the product that was not good. I’ve purchased “NOTE Luminous Moisturizing Foundation” & “Note Beauty Make Up Sponge” and I really found it amazing.

Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Shades Available

01 Beige
02 Natural Beige
03 Medium Beige
04 Sand
05 Honey Beige
06 Dark Honey
07 Apricot
08 Sunny

About Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

It contains highly effective antioxidant sweet almond oil and macadamia oil, which contains important acids for the skin. It is permanent throughout the day. Balancing skin tone provides a natural look as well as a high protection feature.

Sweet Almond Oil

E is rich in vitamins and minerals and sweet almond oil has antioxidant properties and has the aging- retarding property.
It lifts the roughness in the middle, keeps the skin soft.
Helps reduce skin wrinkles and tenderness
It has high moisturizing properties.

Macadamia Oil

It contains palmitoleic acid. This acid type is found in a single macadamia oil. The duty is to control the sebaceous glands in the skin by preventing the reduction of this acid tendency , which is less often produced by the skin as it ages, and helps to maintain the moisture balance.

How to use Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

After cleaning & moisturizing your face use a primer then take a pee size of product on a spatula or on your palm then you need to soak the blender in water, then squeeze it out and make sure that there’s no water left inside it.

Make some random dots all over your face & don’t forget the neck, then using the blender first dab it all over your face then with very light hands just slightly rub the foundation in the downwards direction then if you want to use a concealer you can use and finally set it with a compact or a loose powder and you are all set to go.

Ingredients in Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

The main ingredients that the Turkish brand NOTE contains in the foundation is: –
Extracts of Macadamia Oil & Sweet Almond Oil, also it contains SPF 15, so it will be ok that by chance some day you forget to apply a sunscreen while doing makeup, this foundation will protect you from the sun also.

Price of Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

$ 11.49 for 35 mL oz in USA
£ 11.90 for 35 mL in UK, Scotland
€ 9.95 for 35 mL in Europe, France
S$ 48.00 for 35 mL in Singapore
₹ 899.00 for 35 mL in India

Note Beauty Make Up Sponge ₹ 799.00 in India

Note Beauty Sponge Review

In Detail Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review, Swatches and My Experience

The foundation is not too creamy and neither too liquidly, it blends easily & gives a nice coverage, does not give any shine, gives a nice and matte finish. It doesn’t harm the face as it is paraben & Chemical free. And anyone can use it without any second thought as it is dermatologically tested.

Talking about the packing it comes in a nice matte black tube form with a clear glass finish cap and has a very tiny opening so that it’s easy to take out a small amount of product.

Once I’ve applied it & was out in summers for more the 4 hours & still it was on my face, without any sweat.

Note Beauty Sponge

The sponge is super soft and black in color, it has an oval shape, this makes it easy to use on the edges with its tip. It extends itself when dipped into water and becomes fluffier.

More Photos of Note Foundation & Note Beauty Sponge with Swatches & Before After Photos

Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review, Swatches MBF Blog

Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation sponge Review, Swatches

Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Note Beauty Sponge Review, Swatches

Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review, Swatches on skin

Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review, Swatches Before

Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation Review, Swatches After

Pros Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

1. Gives good coverage.
2. Gives a natural look.
3. Blends Easily.
4. Contains SPF.
5. Paraben & Chemical Free.
6. Dermatologically tested.
7. Sweat proof.

Cons Note Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

1. After making the dots while applying some time leaves patches of dots. So you need to blend quickly.
2. Not available easily.
3. Not too well known.

MBF Advises

You should definitely go for this product as it is chemical free & dermatologically tested so will not harm the skin. And gives a very natural look, & even the price is not too high but neither low but it will last for long so its worth the money.

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