Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask Review

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Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask Review: Hey guys, we are going to talk about a clay mask today. Summers are here which bring along considerable number of skin troubles. I personally have combination skin type which gets oily as the temperature soars. Therefore, I picked up this face mask from Nykaa as it promises to draw out impurities and “detoxify” the skin.

Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask Review

Let’s get into the details as I tell you about my experience with this face mask.

About Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask

Charcoal Powder, due to its absorbent nature, helps detoxify, cleanse and brighten skin complexion.The lactic acid helps draw impurities while gently hydrating and softening skin.

How to Use Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask

  1. Apply an even layer to skin, avoid eye and lip region.
  2. Leave for 10-15 minutes till it dries.
  3. Rinse with lukewarm water while gently massaging in upward stokes to exfoliate the skin.

Ingredients in Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask

Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask Review ingredients

Price of Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask

₹599 for 100 g

In Detail Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask Review and My Experience

The Nykaa Clay it cool detoxify charcoal face mask comes in a standard plastic tub. When you purchase this, it has this tight plastic wrap, you have to take it off. The tube in this one is colour coded in black I guess because the hero ingredient in this variant is charcoal.

As I open the screw lid, there is another lid which is slightly tight. The later prevents the product from spilling during transit. You can throw it away once you open it or you can keep it for added safety. Like I said, the packaging is standard, nothing out of the box.

When I open it, it definitely does not smell like a clay mask to me at all. It actually smells really fresh (somewhere I want to remember cucumbers), and slightly minty. Don’t get me wrong, I like the smell but its pretty unusual for a clay mask to have such smell.

It is charcoal black in colour. Has a very smooth texture. The consistency is kind of thick, almost like a paste. However because of the very nice smooth texture, I don’t find it difficult to apply.

How I Use it

I cleanse my face with my cleanser (currently loving the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser). Pat dry my skin lightly, and then apply this mask. Because the consistency of this mask is kind of thick, I don’t find it comfortable to apply it with a brush. You can use those silicon spatula like applicators if you have one. I however, use my fingers to apply it.

I let it stay for like 10-15 minutes like it says in the directions. But for me, it doesn’t dry out completely in that time, it dries like almost 90%. For it to dry out properly, you have to leave it for like 20-25 minutes I guess. It totally depends on the environment you are in, the moisture level etc.

Lastly I wash it off with normal temperature water. I would advise using it right before you bath because in the shower it is less messy while taking it off.


The mask leaves my skin really refreshed and softer to touch. I love how it doesn’t make my skin stretchy and dry which most clay masks tend to do. I can definitely see that my skin looks brighter and clearer as it helps remove mild blackheads and surface dead cells. It sure draws out impurities from the skin. However please note this is not going to get rid of those deep or stubborn blackheads.

Basically, I am quite impressed with this mask from Nykaa. It does what it claims and honestly I love applying it every once in a while because it makes my facial skin feel so good. Most of all, it kind of deep cleanses the skin. This has to be one of my favourite charcoal masks.

Overall Verdict

We all know from our high school that charcoal is a good adsorbent. Which is why this product efficiently in purifying the skin. It gets rid of all the impurities, surface dead cells, extra oils etc which make the skin look uneven. Hence, after using this mask, you will notice a brighter, more even looking complexion.

I love using this and I am pretty sure this will suit all skin types as it does not dry out the skin at all. In addition, it makes the skin feel very soft.

More Photos, Swatches

Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask Review mbf
Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask Review mbf blog
Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask Review swatch

PROs of Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask

  1. The packaging is sturdy.
  2. Smells great.
  3. Contains mostly natural ingredients.
  4. Charcoal helps adsorb impurities from the skin, so definitely detoxifies the skin.
  5. Makes the skin look clearer and brighter for a day or two.
  6. Does not leave the skin feeling dry at all.
  7. Never irritates my skin.
  8. Vegan, Cruelty free. Also, does not contain SLS or parabens.
  9. Made in India. 🙂

CONs of Nykaa Clay It Cool Daily Detox Clay Mask

  1. Bulky packaging, not really travel friendly. They do not have trial size mini versions of this.
  2. Added fragrance, I am sure of this even without looking at the ingredients because no way can a clay mask smell that amazing.

MBF Advises

  1. If you have oily and/or combination skin, you should totally give this mask a try. You will not be disappointed.
  2. Applying this with a brush isn’t the best idea since the consistency is thick. I apply it with my fingers. If you have a silicon spatula, you can use that as a better option.
  3. Make sure you close it nice and tight after using or else it might dry out in the tub.
  4. It can create a mess in the sink while washing off. So I suggest using it before shower so that the mess is less pronounced and easier to clean up.

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