NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches

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NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches: Hi guys. I am back with yet another eyeshadow palette. As always this is an extremely colourful and fun palette. ? Since I started buying makeup, I have always had an affinity to colourful eyeshadow palettes. But they require so much courage and confidence to don most of the time. Hence, I stuck to neutral and n*de palettes.

NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches

Lately I’ve been experimenting quite a lot with makeup and I decided It was time for me to up my eye game. So I went to nykaa and ordered quite a few palettes I’ve been eyeing for a long time. The first in that list was the Nyx ultimate eyeshadow palette in the variant “brights”.

It looked so colourful and vibrant and it would catch my eye each time I came across a page with it. I finally ordered the palette a few months back and I’ve been trying it out since then. So now I have my final thoughts and opinions on the same so be sure to read on to find out what they are.

About NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette

  • Get ready to create the ultimate eye makeup looks. NYX Professional Makeup’s Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette features 16 expertly coordinated eye shadows housed in one perfectly portable palette. Looking to start creating bright, colorful eye looks? It’s time to have some fun and play with bright eyeshadow that makes your eyes really pop.
  • This colorful makeup palette is packed full of high pigmented eyeshadow in every shade of the rainbow. The final look is all up to you – simply add a pop of color to your face or go all out for a multicolored rainbow eye look. This bold, punchy eyeshadow palette promises brightly intense makeup looks for any occasion. Each creamy-rich shade glides on and delivers the ultimate color payoff.
  • All NYX Professional Makeup products are proudly cruelty-free and PETA certified.

How to Use NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette

Start with applying NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base or any primer on lids. Neutrals and mid tone shades can be used for blending, while darker colors can be applied on the outer corner of the eye. Blend darker colors inward until you’ve reached the center of your eyelid. Add highlights on the inner eye corner and brow bone to finish off your bright eyeshadow look.

Pro Tip: To increase pigment intensity, moisten eyeshadow brush with makeup setting spray before picking up shadows.

Ingredients in NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette

NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches details

Price of NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette

$ 18.00 for 0.46 oz in USA
£ 16.00 for 13.28 g in UK
A$ 37.95 for 13.28 g in Australia
S$ 35.00 for 13.28 g in Singapore
₹ 1725.00 for 13.28 g in India

In Detail NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches and My Experience

The palette comes in a basic black packaging which is pretty meh. It has a transparent lid I think makes the palette attractive as the rows and columns of bright colours can be seen. Needless to say, it has no mirror or an applicator. Applicators are useless anyway but I sure would have appreciated it if there was an inbuilt mirror.

There is a total of 16 shades in this palette and they are arranged in four rows. The pans are square in shape and there is absolutely no space between the pans. Now this is something I don’t like as it can mess up the pans.

The shade names are not written inside and the space is utilised well. The palette has a click shut packaging which is pretty travel friendly and durable. It fell from my hands a couple of times and remained unscathed except for a few scratches.

The ingredient list is mentioned behind and the interesting thing is different colours have different set of ingredients. I have never seen this on any other eyeshadow palette.

NYX Brights palette has 3 pressed pigments and 11 eyeshadow powders. The difference between pressed pigments and eyeshadow powders is that eyeshadows are made from pigments after diluting them with other substances where as pressed pigments give more pigmentation as they are undiluted. Pressed pigments usually leave stains especially pink and purple ones.

There are 16 shades and all of them are equally vibrant. It is an array of rainbow colours and their variants. From hues of blues to reds and vibrant pinks and purples. It has a mix of matte and shimmer shades with mostly mattes. Let’s take them row by row, shall we?

NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches best

Row 1

The first shade is a glittery red one. It is matte red with specks of glitter in it and looks beautiful on all skin tones. The pigmentation is pretty less compared to the other shades. Honestly, I expected the red shade to turn out well but it didn’t meet my expectations.

The next one is a barbie pink pressed pigment. It’s the typical hot pink shade and has amazing pigmentation owing to the fact that it is a pressed pigment. This shade however does not look good on me owing to my yellow undertone.

Following this a tangerine orange pressed pigment which is matte as hell. On layering it looks chalky and what you see is exactly what you get on application.

The last shade is a coral matte eyeshadow which is the only shade in this palette that I use as a transition shade. It has decent pigmentation and I quite love this shade. I use it alone for simple day time looks.

Row 2

The first shade us a beautiful purple shade which has extremely tiny golden shimmers which are barely visible. It looks amazing on dusky beauties and I absolutely adore this colour, it turns up so well on the eyes.

The next shade is a pinkish purple pressed pigment. I am not a huge fan of this shade as it looks tacky on me. It has really good pigmentation but it stains my eye when I wear it for long.

The third shade is an extremely pretty pink one. I love this shade and it looks so good on its own.it ca even be used as a blush as it is matte and blends quite well.

The last shade is a matte lilac one, it looks chalky and powdery and does not really show up on deeper skin tones after blending.

Row 3

The first shade is a royal blue shade with shimmers. It looks different when applied and takes a pale blue form. I hate it when this happens with eyeshadows. Sometimes they look so bright and colourful on the pan and when you apply it, they look dull. So I was pretty disappointed. I like my blues popping.

The next shade is a classic sky blue shade. It looks oh-so-beautiful, I fell in love with how beautifully it turned out. Its matte and looks like a charm.

The next two shades are hues of blue and green. The third one is a sea green shade with finely milled shimmers and the next one us a pale blue matte shadow which looks chalky if you layer it without proper blending.

Row 4

The first shade is a forest green one that looks really pretty on olive skin tones and people with brown eyes. It is matte and has good pigmentation

The next shade us a shimmery lime green one which I rarely use as I am not fond of lime greens. But it does look pretty due to the shimmer particles and turns out quite well on the lids.

The third shade is a golden yellow matte shade which has good colour pay off.

The last shade is a sunshine yellow shade with golden shimmers.it looks good on pale skin and can be clubbed with the other yellow shade for a beautiful ombre on all skin tones

Overall Verdict

Almost all the shadows are nicely pigmented and show up quite well on the eyes. There is very less fallout and I observed that the chalky shades have the maximum fallout. The pressed pigments in particular look amazing.

These shadows do not need a primer but using one will boost the pigmentation and stay. I used a concealer base and they turned out beautifully. These shadows blend really well and show no fuss while layering. They stay on for more than 12 hours intact when used on top of a concealer base. Primer will boost the stay time.

This is such a versatile palette and you can create an infinite number of looks with it. The possibilities are endless and this would be a treasure for someone like me who loves experimenting with colours.

At this price point this palette is a steal and it is often available at discounts online. Nyx never fails to amuse me and this time too it didn’t. This palette is one of my favourites and I absolutely recommend this. If you are someone who loves playing with colours and creating colourful looks doubt no more. Go for it!

More Photos, Swatches

NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches outside
NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches close up
NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches 1st row
NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches 2nd row
NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches 3rd row
NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches 4th row

Pros of NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette

  1. The shade range is amazing, it has all the rainbow colours and their hues.
  2. The palette is priced at a reasonable rate for 16 good quality, sufficiently sized eyeshadows.
  3. The quality is amazing for a drugstore brand
  4. It blends like a dream and does not look patchy
  5. Has a decent staying time even without eye primer or concealer

Cons of NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette

  1. There is no mirror provided
  2. There are absolutely no transition shades
  3. The pale colours are quite chalky
  4. The pans tend to get dirty and messy as they are placed too close to each other

MBF Advises

  1. When donning colourful looks you need a flawless base.
  2. Bright pops of colour on the eyes tend to draw attention to the under-eye area so use a good concealer and corrector to get a flawless under eye.
  3. Keep the lipstick nude or minimal when using wild colours on the eye
  4. A little goes a long way. Take little by little and slowly build it up.
  5. To prevent fall outs, bake the under eyes and then after application you can dust the bake away and the fallouts will go away with that

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