NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches

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NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches: Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing good. So today I am talking about this not so new palette from NYX. I have been trying it out for the past week and now I am pretty sure I understand how this performs.

NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches

If you follow me on instagram, (@asthambf) the last 3 neutral looks that I posted there are all done using this palette only. I love trying to create different looks with a single palette just to light up that creative spot inside. If you don’t follow me on instagram already, please follow 🙂

Claims for NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette

We named this collection the Ultimate Shadow Palette because that’s exactly what it is – a pro-level palette packed with 16 high-performance eyeshadows in a rainbow of tone-inspired shades. Available in six striking color combinations – Cool Neutral, Warm Neutral, Smokey & Highlight, Brights, Phoenix & Ash, each set features a mix of velvety-rich, complimentary colors in mesmerizing finishes that range from mattes and satins to shimmers and metallics. Take any of these palettes from day to night in a flash with all the possible color combinations!

How to Use NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette

When applying eyeshadows, pick three! A darker color for the crease of the eyelid, a lighter color for the lid and a highlighting color for the inner corners and brow bone.

Ingredients in NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette

The ingredients list is missing on the packaging. However the very long ingredients list is available on the brand’s official website.

Price of NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette

$18.00 for 16 x 0.02 oz in USA
₹1725.00 for 13.28 g in India

NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches front

In Detail NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches and My Experience

First impressions, the palette looks stunning. From the see through lid, all the shades appear gorgeous and it may seem like you don’t even ever need another neutrals palette. It looks like this palette has got you covered but has it? Let’s find out…

The packaging is nice and sturdy. I like the fact that all the space in the palette is properly packed with product and there are no free spaces. Less dead space=less plastic. Its easy to take along in your purse since it is very compact considering it has 16 shadows. However, it does not come with a mirror or any brush/applicator. The 16 shades are arranged as 4 X 4.

Speaking of the shades in the palette, they are not assigned any names or numbers. So for our reference, we will number the shades.

NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches MBF Blog

Please note that all the shades appear darker in the pan than they are in reality on swatching. Repeated or layering the swipes does build up the intensity close to what it appears in the pan.

NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches 1 to 8

1– A light beige shade with warm undertones. I like to set my eye base with this shade. Setting eye base with such light coloured matte shadows really helps blend the other shades.

2– A shimmery light beige with slight warm undertones. This particular shade is nice for brow bone highlight and inner corner highlight. I wish it had more shimmery or foiled effect though. In the hand swatches, the camera doesn’t pick up the shimmery effect at all. However, use it light handedly, it looks quite nice with very soft shiny effect on the eyes. In all my eye looks below, I have used this shade as inner corner highlight as well as brow bone highlight.

3– Very light nude shade. I don’t reach out for this shade much except for when I need to blend something, sometimes. This can be a good transition shade for ladies with very light skin tone.

4– A light shimmery golden bronze. Very good as a lid topper. This does not apply very well with a brush. I tried with a flat synthetic brush but it didn’t do the job. However, it looks quite nice when applied with the fingers.

5– This a nice matte sepia brown shade. This can be used as a crease/transition shade by almost all skin tones.

6– This is a matte medium warm brown which is my go-to crease colour. It blends nicely and although basic, but a very important shade which binds everything well together.

7– A brownish mauve shimmer. Again, it applies better with fingers as compared to a brush.

8– Matte chocolate brown shade. Versatile, you can use it in many ways as per the look you’re trying to create. Blends nicely but needs a little bit of a work.

NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches 9 to 16

9– A shimmery bronze which strong brown undertones. This too applies better with fingers.

10– A nice burnt sienna shade, very beautiful. A deep shade for the outer corners may be. It blends beautifully.

11– This looks quite dark in the pan but in real it isn’t super dark. Its a unique shimmery rosy shade with brown tint. Lots of rose gold vibes going around this particular shade. Applies nicely with fingers.

12– A classic burgundy brown or umber brown may be. Now this shade looks absolutely beautiful in the pan but this shade did let me down. This is the only shade in the palette that I find quite difficult to work with. It does not blend that well. Tends to just stick to an area and when you really go hard trying to blend it with light strokes, it starts to get muddy somehow.

13– A slight shimmery coffee brown shade. Looks really pretty. Good when you want something slightly shimmery even on the outer corners.

14– A nice matte tan brown shade. Very versatile, blends well. But may need some building up in order to show properly.

15– A classic shimmery brown. Applies well with fingers.

16– The darkest shade is the palette (may be not dark enough for me though), this looks amazing for the outer corners. It is very pigmented. However, this does not blend well again. Kind of difficult to work with, easily gets patchy. You need to go light and fast in order to blend this properly. Still need to be really patient so that it turns out decent.

NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches MBF

Pigmentation wise, I feel all the shades have good pigmentation. Some better than the others. Formula of the shades have mixed performances. Like some shades perform excellent while some are kind of a let down for me in terms of blendability like I mentioned above in individual shade descriptions.

The shimmery shades in the palette feel more like a fusion of satin-shimmers. I mean they do not have that bam! shimmers effects. If you’re into soft looks, you will really like this part.

Nevertheless, I strongly agree that you can create a variety of neutral or soft glam looks with this palette. It’s a one of a kind palette and if you’re someone who likes to have some eye makeup going on without making it look too loud, you totally need to have this palette.

The areas I think it could have been improved are- well I feel the shimmery shades could have been more intense. Like I feel all the shimmery shades in this palette aren’t that vibrant and foiled. Second I feel this palette lacks a really really dark shade. If they’d included a black, it would have been awesome.

Overall, it is a very cohesive palette I feel. Of course there are somethings where I feel they could have improvised. But otherwise, one of the best neutral palettes in the beauty industry.

It is priced a tiny bit on the higher side considering its a drugstore palette. But then it is often available on good offers and last time I grabbed it for $12 which was sure a good deal I feel.

NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette Review, Swatches Astha mbf eye makeup look

In all 3 eye looks above, I have only used this palette. The eyeliner is from Tarte cosmetics and eyebrow is done using Benefit Ka Brow.

PROs of NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette

  1. Very compact, travel friendly.
  2. Versatile, you can create all sorts of neutral looks with it.
  3. Pigmentation of all the shades is really good.
  4. Fall out isn’t too much.
  5. A very complete palette, you might not need to pick up another palette when you’re using this.
  6. Often available on discounts.
  7. I think its useful for all skin tones.

CONs of NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette

  1. A couple of shades have blendability issues. But you can always work with that by being extra careful and spending some more time.
  2. I wish the some shimmers were louder.
  3. One or two really dark shades would have been nice.

MBF Advises

  1. Always make sure you have a good base to work on. According to me, when you have a good base, 50% of your work is already done.
  2. Apply the shimmer shades with your fingers for better intensity.
  3. Be careful with darker shades. Take a little at a time and then build on as needed.

MBF Rating

4/5 (Honestly, this is a really good palette to have. If you’re having second thoughts, I’d recommend definitely get it.)

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