Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray For Women Review

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Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray For Women Review

About Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray For Women

She is the woman in that hot little black number that makes the men drop their jaws. Her allure is hard to resist as she dominates the attention without even trying. For the woman who is at her sultry best, Playboy presents Play It Sexy, the fragrance that captures the essence of her smoking hotness. The mass premium trips you up as she passes by making you her willing slave. The deodorant spray tops off your exquisite perfection on every evening that matters, the oriental notes add just the right amount of sass to your natural appeal. Let your hair down and enjoy the ride that Play It Sexy takes you on.

With succulent opening notes with accords of pink grapefruit, mandarin and pink pepper brighten up the fragrance. Fiesty and feminine, the fragrance becomes irresistible as it wears on. Jasmine tea, osmanthus and liquorice add color to the soft heart notes as they slowly waft into the deliciousness of vanilla along with soothing sandalwood and tonka bean, a wafting trail left behind by the dry down. Bottled in a playfully pink bottle that is not only easy to use but also convenient to carry around during your travels, Play It Sexy is a fragrance that caters to the woman of today. Be it ladies’ night or cocktail hour, casual or formal, Play It Sexy Deo Spray remains a fragrance that will dissolve even the most ressolute of minds.

Fragrance Notes

Top Note Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin, Pink Pepper
Heart Note Jasmine Tea, Osmanthus, Liquorice
Base Note Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean


Rs 199 for 150 ml bottle

Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray For Women Review MBF India

In Detail Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray For Women Review and My Experience

So I am a huge fan of playboy fragrances when it comes to selecting fragrances for my brother and dad. I got my hands on this bad boy a little more than a couple of years back and oh boy oh boy! I have been in a serious Love relationship. It used to come in a stout cylindrical bottle but they changed the packaging somewhere around last year. The product remains the same inside though. The present packaging is this curvy cylindrical bottle which is slightly taller than its older brother. 😀 With a decent quality spray on top, I find the packaging pretty good. I mean what else do you need in a proper deodorant packaging.

I usually use it everyday after I take a shower. I don’t know where to begin explaining how much I am in love with its smell. It has this Mandarin Musky fragrance with a base of sandalwood. I notice some vanilla and I don’t know why a little chocolate. It is kinda tasty to be honest 😛 There is no mention of chocolate in the fragrance notes however. This baby smells absolutely wonderful. I wear it all the time and trust me when I say I get compliments from both genders for this baby. The sillage is amazing. Plus this stays for a pretty long time. I want to say approximately for 2 to 3 hours. I seriously cannot have enough of this fragranced deodorant. In fact I always keep this stocked up. I love the fragrance like so super much. You guys need to go and smell this baby for yourself. If you love musky fragrances, I am pretty positive you guys are going to love this one. 🙂

Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray For Women Review India

PROs of Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray For Women

1. Convenient packaging, nice spray quality
2. Smells amazing. Super sexy feminine fragrance, and like I said, kind of tasty 😛
3. Decent sillage, good staying power of the fragrance for a deodorant
4. You can wear this on a number of occasions, including formal
5. Pretty inexpensive

CONs of Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray For Women

1. People who are not a big fan of musky fragrances may not fall in love with it.

MBF Advices

1. Depending on the staying power, repeat the spray after 2-3 hours.
2. Never spray alcohol based deodorants directly on fine linen
3. Always use a deodorant in summers 😀 because girl, we wanna smell good all the time 🙂

Will I Repurchase Playboy Play it Sexy Deodorant Spray

I have repurchased this over and over again and I guess I will continue 😀

MBF Rating


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