How to Prevent Hair Frizz and Hair Fall during Humid Monsoons

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Monsoons are super awaited by all specially after the scorching heat of summers. Everyone loves the rainy weather. The only problem is with our Hair which starts turning frizzy and rough. You are not alone, because I have observed that almost all of us go through this problem. However we have to know the correct methods by which we can tackle this hair problem and enjoy the monsoon rains without any worry. So I am going to list out some of the ways in which I take care of my hair during monsoons and prevent them from frizzing up and going rough. This also helps with increased hair fall which a lot of us face in this season. Here I  listed down these ways on How to Prevent Hair Frizz and Hair Fall during Humid Monsoons. If you are suffering from Dandruff — Read this article on top home remedies for dandruff.

How to reduce hair fall frizz in humid monsoon makeup and beauty blog

How to Prevent Hair Frizz and Hair Fall during Humid Monsoons

1. Use a mild Shampoo free of harsh Detergents or Sulphates

This is the most important tip. Using harsh shampoos is never a good idea. This becomes of paramount importance during this humid season. So make sure you replace your shampoo with a mild shampoo which is preferably made of natural ingredients. Using mild shampoos will give you two advantages –
a) your hair won’t become so rough, ultimately there will be less frizz.
b) there will be lesser hair fall because hair won’t tangle as much.
I shampoo my hair with a mild shampoo every alternate day in this humid weather. So my hair stays clean and there is no increased roughness or fall.

Use a Mild shampoo for reducing frizz in humid monsoon

2. Always Use a Conditioner – But the Right Way! – MUST READ

If you use a conditioner the wrong way, it can caused upto 40% increased hair fall. So the mantra is, Use the conditioner ONLY ON THE HAIR LENGTHS. Do not use the conditioner on the scalp. In fact I never use a conditioner on my scalp. The natural oils are more than enough to nourish the hair near the roots. You do not need any additional conditioning on the hair near the scalp. I like to condition the hair lengths from my ears till the ends.

way to Condition the hair properly from ear to the lengths ends

3. Let the Hair Dry Completely

Another very important thing would be to let your hair dry completely before you comb it. Never try to comb wet hair otherwise you will face increased hair fall. If you do not hair the time to wait, use a blow dryer.

4. Use a Comb – A wide toothed Comb

Put your hair brush away in a drawer and start using a wide toothed comb. You will be surprised how it will reduce your hair fall. The hair will frizz out less because you are not subjecting them to as much friction anymore.

wide tooth comb

5. Use an Anti-Tangle Spray or No-Frizz Spray

Use of such sprays make it easy to comb the hair. So the hair do not become anymore rough. Plus because there are fewer tangles, the hair fall is also reduced.

no anti tangle anti frizz spray for hair

6. Use a lighter hair oil

Specially in humid conditions, the scalp produces more oils. So start using a hair oil which is light for example Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut oil. Stop using heavy oils like castor oil and pure olive oil for the time being. Make sure you are very very gentle near the roots. Apply the oil generously on the lengths.

During the monsoons, I personally like to oil the hair and wash it off within a couple of hours. Because overnight hair oil feels quite uncomfortable because of the humid weather. Moreover I have noticed reduced hair fall when I wash my hair after 2-3 hours.

hair oil for monsoon humid weather

7. Hair Style

Chose a hair style which makes the hair stay in a place instead of leaving them open. I personally love a high bun. When I am at home, I go for braiding my hair. You can chose any hair style you like, the only idea is, to prevent your hair from undergoing friction by any means. So keep the hair out of the face and out of the shoulder.

Top hair bun style makeup and beauty blog

8. Diet

Never ignore Diet which plays a central role in all aspects of health. Drink lots of water, exercise and pay attention on what you eat. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase iron and vitamins intake. Eat food rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. I know how strongly the street foods call out in this rainy weather, but try to moderate the amount of junk food that you eat.

diet for healthy hair growth

So I hope these methods will be helpful. If you have some tips that you want to share with ladies all across the world, comment below and share your tips. We would love to share as many tips as possible. Remember, enjoy rains but take care of your manes 🙂

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  1. Amazing tips Astha, my mom also used to tell many of the tips that you have mentioned. I also would like to add some from my side.
    -> Never tie the hair very tightly for a ponytail or any other hairstyle.
    – > dont sleep with wet hair
    – > If you are developing itchiness on the scalp, use an anti dandruff shampoo.


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