Ripped Jeans – A Men’s Wardrobe Essential

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Ripped Jeans – A Men’s Wardrobe Essential: If there’s one clothing piece that hasn’t gone out of style yet, it is the distressed denims. The easiest way to bring about this look is by donning a pair of ripped jeans. It’s time to inject elements of street wear edge into men’s daily wear.


With ripped jeans for men, bring in more versatility into your casual wear. This style of denims is quite easy to style, and adds a hint of individuality to your look.

Casual daywear


Pairing ripped jeans with a simple coloured T-shirt along with a pair of desert boots or sneakers provides maximum effect. Distressed jeans are known to provide that edgier aesthetic look to your casual wear, as long as you make the jeans the focal point of the outfit.

Avoid over complicating the outfit since it will provide a very unnatural over-styled look. Instead, go for the effortless, breezy charm.

Smart-casual look

Ripped jeans can be easily up-styled and turned into a smart wardrobe choice. For men who have a casual office dress code, this look is just the thing that will make heads turn. Stray from your mundane, uninspired pair of skinny or straight standard blues, and instead pick a pair of distressed jeans.

Pair the jeans with a smarter top half to take away just enough attention from the distressed jeans to bring about a smart-casual look. A crisp Oxford shirt paired with these jeans, along with loafers or brogues will do the trick.

The vintage work look


Keeping in mind that the history of denim actually lies in men’s agricultural and industrial clothing, so it is quite fitting to take complete advantage of the vintage style when it comes to work wear trends.

By adding ripped jeans to your work wear, showcase an inspired look that injects oodles of contemporary edge to the entire outfit, making you stand out from the rest of the sheep in the herd.

It is essential to remember that taupe, brown and other neutral hues in sturdy, classic pieces such as leather boots and jackets are good picks, while thick shirts in corduroy or denim go well with ripped jeans. Add a more playful element by choosing extensive ripped or distressed details to roughen the work wear look.

Street style ripped jeans


If you still aren’t convinced that ripped jeans can be easily styled to showcase different looks and essence, you can take a look at the street style pros, who bring about the versatility in their look that these jeans exude. Street style shows you the range of styles in which ripped jeans look can be pulled off brilliantly.

Like the pros do, you can dress your distressed jeans up with a contrast coloured overcoat or match a piece of plain knitwear for a more casual look. The possibilities with men’s ripped jeans is endless and you can try the same by picking a pair at the nearest local store or go for online shopping at sites like abof as well.

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