Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review

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Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review

Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review

The importance of an antidandruff shampoo can be understood only by those who have ever had dandruff. Dandruff is one irritating evil which does not leave my scalp easily. I was so fed up with dandruff that I had once during winters given up wearing black or dark outfits. I keep on trying different anti dandruff products looking for my holy grail. My friend suggested the Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo and now after using it for more than 5 months, I want to share my experience with everyone.


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Dandruff is a scalp problem

Dandruff is often the result of scalp irritation caused by the heightened activity of certain microorganisms on the skin. Mild and nourishing medicated skin cleansing products with ingredients that combat the reproduction of these organisms offer an effective and permanent cure.
Medicated anti-dandruff shampoos help if the flakes are quite large and yellowish and have been produced by greasy scalp in greasy hair. Dandruff can however also occur because of dry, highly sensitive scalp. In this case, the flakes are small and whitish, and increase directly after the hair has been washed. Mild shampoos that are designed for dry scalp and contain urea are very good at counteract this sort of dandruff.

About Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Gentle cleansing shampoo with mild wash active substances and removing visible signs of dandruff.

Supports and protects the acid mantle of the scalp for healthy hair. Stabilises the hair structure with the pH value of 5.5.

Product features:
– 100% soap and alkali free
– Active ingredient Piroctone Olamine ensures the gentle removal of dandruff
– Mild wash active substances gently cleanse hair and scalp, removing visible signs of dandruff irritation
– Moisturising and conditioning ingredients revitalise the hair, adding body and shine
– Daily hair care stabilises oily scalp.

For normal to oily hair and scalp. Especially well suited for the gentle removal of oily dandruff.


Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Lactate, Hydroxypropyl Oxidized Starch PG-Trimonium Chloride, Piroctone Olamine, Glycol Distearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Laureth-4, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate.

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Rs. 630/- for 200 ml.

In Detail Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review and My Experience

So I started using this shampoo around end of September last year. I ordered it online on my friend’s suggestion and used it religiously. It comes in a white opaque plastic bottle with a flip open top. The product has very minimal fragrance and after washing the hair, the fragrance hardly stays put.

How I Use it

I wet my hair in the shower and squeeze the shampoo on my palm. I then work the shampoo on my scalp gently massaging the roots of my hair. Because I have dry hair, I don’t rub my hair while shampooing, one of the very important tips for dry hair which I learned from MBF. After working on the scalp for around 7 to 10 minutes, I wash off the shampoo with water. I make sure I wash off all the shampoo from hair so that there is no product left. Sometimes product build up can also cause itchiness.


I did not see any great results after the first or second wash. However to my surprise, after about 5 or 6 washes, my dandruff was visibly reduced. I combed my hair and there was absolutely no dandruff on day 1 of shampooing. So I started using this product on alternate days and it really kept the dandruff at bay.

The only problem was, that it kind of left my hair dry if I didn’t use a nourishing conditioner. So I started using the Himalayas Anti Dandruff Hair Cream as a conditioner after using this shampoo and trust me guys, this winter I wore every colour I wanted. All thanks to this shampoo.

The best thing about this shampoo is, that it never irritates my scalp. It never caused any rebound increase in dandruff when I stopped using it for sometime. It always remained scalp friendly. I guess that is because the pH of the shampoo is 5.5 which is very skin friendly.

My final verdict would be that, if you have dandruff problem with itchy scalp then please try this shampoo on my suggestion. It is not very costly and really provides a remedy against dandruff for as long as we use this.

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Pros of Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo

1. Packaging is very basic and sturdy
2. Does not have any strong fragrance
3. No extremely harsh chemicals
4. pH is skin and scalp friendly
5. Controls dandruff very well and prevents them from recurring while using it
6. No scalp itchiness
7. Cleans the hair very well and makes them soft
8. Budget friendly quality product

Cons of Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo

1. Does not form a rich lather like regular shampoos
2. Makes the hair feel a little bit dry if not followed by a proper conditioner

MBF Advices

1. This shampoo does not provide instant results. You have to wait for 4 to 5 washes before noticing great results.
2. Initially use the shampoo every alternate day for a couple of months, once the dandruff is properly controlled, you can use it once or twice weekly.
3. Try using mild shampoos on the scalp to reduce irritation.
4. Never use hot or very cold water for washing the hair.
5. Always wash off the shampoo properly to avoid product build up.
6. Very important- when you are using this shampoo, use of a good nourishing conditioner is strongly advised. Use the conditioner on the hair only, do not apply conditioner on the scalp.

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  1. I tried this shampoo on your recommendation and it really worked, it has reduced my hairfall also…thank you rachna 🙂 I am sooo happyyy 🙂 🙂

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