How to select the perfect Bra while shopping online

How to select the perfect Bra while shopping online
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We shop for everything online. I have even shopped for grocery and I was pleasantly surprised how efficiently online shopping has just taken over everything. We get to pick almost anything in the market from the comforts of our home. When I was younger, my mom used to get my lingerie for me. I used to feel too shy to go to the store and buy one for myself. However now, I shop for my lingerie online every time. I am quite used to it so have some really good points to share with all of you. This will help you in How to select the perfect Bra while shopping online.

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How is a Bra size decided

34 C or 36 B – What is this number?

The number denotes the band size which reflects the measures the peripheral inches of the bust area. The alphabet A, B, C or D denotes the cup size which itself directly depends on the bust size or fullness.

How select the perfect Bra while shopping online

How to select the perfect Bra while shopping online

1. Brand – It does matter

During my teens I hardly cared about a brand. If its pretty, I like it or else I won’t wear it. However now I understand how important brands are specially when it comes to under garments. Good brands never compromise – they won’t give cheap material or weird designs. A good branded bra would feel comfortable and hold the busts in place properly. Sometimes I used to get Bras where the bra margins used to show or be very obvious from over my tshirt. I noticed that this problem does not exist when I buy branded bras. Of course Branded does not mean costly. There are numerous good bra brands around which do not cost a fortune and manufacture decent bras. I know sometimes lingeries can be expensive but there are budget brands as well.

2. Know your size

This is a much debated topic. I know there are tons of different ways that you see online about how to calculate your correct bra size. But you know what, ditch all that. Get up and goto a store. Goto a store which lets you try the bra before buying them. See for yourself which bra fits you the best – and there you have your perfect size. Try to raise your hands, and make sure the material and stitch feel comfortable to you. Bend forwards, if you feel like your breasts are falling out, then the bra cup size is not suitable. If you want, take the advice of the lady sales assistant if you are in a store. They have a fair idea about the bra sizes and would help you pick up the most perfect size for you. Never compromise on the size for design. Never wear too tight bras. Be open minded about the size, remember bra size is only a number, proper fit is most important. Now once you have the perfect size, you can shop for your favourite bras online.

3. Padded Bra

If you want to enhance the bust size, don’t be shy to go for a padded bra. These are great to wear with a dress. If you are not used to wearing a padded bra, you might find it a little uncomfortable initially so they take some time getting used to. If you are new to padded bras, start with minimal padding.

4. Push Up Bra

A push up bra is more padded in the lower portion of the cup (In increasing order – Level 1, 2 and 3). These bras are meant for enhancing the cleavage. They have angled cups containing padding that push the breasts inwards and upwards bringing the breasts towards the centre of the chest.

push up bra

5. Multiway Bra

A multiway bra is one where the straps are detachable. So our normal 2 strap bra can be worn in different ways such as halter, one shoulder, racerback, or strapless style. These choice of style give us the comfort of wearing the bra as we want to according to the dress we are wearing.

6. Backless Bra / Stick On Bra

If you are wearing a backless dress or a dress with a very deep back, backless bras are the saviours. There are also stick on bras available which just cover the bust area.

stick on bra

7. T Shirt Bra

T shirt bras have a design which makes them invisible under tight fitting tshirts. So that the margins of the bra does not show. These bras are seamless and have, molded cups which provide a quite natural, rounded bust shape under the shirts and tight fitting or clingy dresses.

t shirt bra

8. Return Policy

Always shop from a website with a good return policy. Because lets be practical, the bra sizes vary slightly from company to company or brand to brand. I am 36B in VS and 34C in some other brands. So once we get the parcel, we can try the bra on and if it does not fit, immediately return it. Again, remember proper fitting of a bra is very important.

9. Read the reviews

Last but not the least, I always advice everyone to read the reviews of everything before buying. Reviews help get a better idea about the product. When normal people like you and me share their experiences, its going to be true. So that we can have a lot more faith on the reviews than on the advertisements.


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