SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner Review, Swatches

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SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner Review, Swatches: Hey Everyone. Very good morning . So as promised in my previous post I am here with all my excitement to give you my in-depth review on the Suva beauty hydra eyeliner.

SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner Review, Swatches

I hope you all are equally excited to know my thoughts and take on the Suva beauty hydra eyeliners so without any further a do let’s right jump into my thoughts and take on the product.

Claims for SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner

Acid Trip – UV Hydra FX (Neon Orange)

Water activated neon cake liner makeup that glows under UV/blacklight! Perfect for delivering intense colour for face and body art makeup.

SUVA Beauty’s Hydra Liners/FX formula delivers a punch of solid opaque colour. It’s smudge proof and transfer resistant – your colour won’t fade until it’s removed!

・Smudge proof
・Transfer resistant
・Opaque formulation
・Cruelty free
・Vegan friendly

How to Use SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner

  1. You will need: Hydra Liner/FX, a brush and water only
  2. Optional: before activating the product, scrape the product onto a makeup palette
  3. Wet makeup brush with water
  4. Use the wet brush and mix it into the Hydra Liner/FX product
  5. Mix VERY WELL and apply once a creamy consistency is achieved (like melted ice-cream). Wet brush further and continue mixing if needed
  6. Let the product fully air dry before storing away!

Ingredients in SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner

The ingredients list is printed on the product packaging. It is not found on their official website.

Price of SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner

$14.00 USD

SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner Review, Swatches information

In Detail SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner Review, Swatches and My Experience

So to start of with the packaging, it comes in a cardboard box packaging with the shade name and all the necessary details provided on the box. Surprisingly the packaging has no expiry date printed on it. Also when you open up the box there is a transparent tub packaging which is very lightweight, handy and easy to travel with.


I like the fact that the packaging is transparent so the colour can be seen through. I wish that they would had provided a separate mini eyeliner brush to make it easy for the consumers to apply the product and carry along with them.

SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner Review, Swatches close up

The next is the shade selection now they have amazing range of colour options available from green, Blues, red, orange, yellow they have everything. They have 19 shades in total so I am sure every makeup lover or a makeup artist would find colours of their choice.

The shade Acid trip is the beautiful bright neon orange shade. This shade will flatter all complexions be it a light medium or dark. It’s a bright neon shade so I am pretty sure one will not be able to wear it on daily basis to work , office or market.

Such neon shades are best for body painting , face painting or if you want to click Instagram pictures. I would also not suggest hydra eyeliners to be worn in parties or clubs as well since they are water activated eyeliners and they easily come off with just a splash of water. Like completely off yes u read it right. (We have shared a trick how to make them waterproof here –

Also in terms of pigmentation they are amazingly pigmented so in one swipe you get intense colour pay off which does not smudge.

SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner Review, Swatches skin

The staying power of this actually depends on where you are so if you are under normal or air condition environment then it will stay true but if you sweat or come in contact with water the product will come off completely.

Remember that this is an FX liner, therefore the brand advises to restrict its use to the skin surface not immediately around the eye area. You can use this on the face or body, but they don’t advise using this around the immediate eye area.

Lastly, Acid trip is a UV liner. This means it will glow in the dark! That is one of the most exciting features of these liners from SUVA beauty. The UV liners literally glow in the dark.

SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner Review, Swatches demo glow in dark

Pros of SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner

  1. Beautiful shades
  2. Will flatter all completions
  3. New concept
  4. Easy to use
  5. Well pigmented

Cons of SUVA Beauty Acid Trip Hydra FX Liner

  1. Availability
  2. Not a regular use shade, also since its not waterproof. It however is really good for creating makeup art-forms on face and body.
  3. Made in China

Do I Recommend this product?

Yes if you are looking for face painting , Body painting or for Instagram pictures or even for the matter of a bright bold eyeliner shade then you can defiantly go ahead and buy this product.

MBF Advises

  1. Always remember to prime and set your base.
  2. These are not waterproof on their own and the brand specifically mentions it in the description. However, you can make them waterproof using lash glue. Find out the details on the trick – how to do it in the link given above along with the text.

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