The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub Review

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The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub Review: Hello Lovelies! Which one of you does not dream of soft, smooth, bump-free skin? Especially living in India where six different seasons and rapidly increasing pollution play havoc with the skin’s natural texture and glow. So my quest for a good scrub never really ends – and I am sure a whole lot of you dream of that too. The Body Shop‘s Moringa Body Scrub – that channels the goodness of drumsticks could be your dreams come true…

The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub Review

About The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub

Describing the product, the website of The Body Shop says: ” Pick up our moringa scrub, to slough away dead skin cells, leaving your skin supremely smooth and refined.” Just what you need for soft and smooth skin!

Benefits of The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub

The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub has a creamy and grainy texture with a mild fresh-floral scent that adds a touch of luxury to your exfoliating routine.

• Body exfoliator
• Smoothes and refines skin
• Buffs away dead skin cells
• Leaves skin beautifully soft and refined
• Rich, creamy texture
• Seed oil from hand-picked moringa pods

Ingredients in The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub

The star ingredient is the one gift from nature that is creating all the buzz. Moringa or drumstick seed oil has been used to protect skin for thousands of years, thanks to its rich omega 9 and behenic acid content. Aqua, Glycerin, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Oryza sativa, Cetearyl Alcohol, Mel, Sesamum Indicum Oil, Moringa Pterygosperma Oil, Silica, Glyceryl Stearate, Bertholletia Excelsa Nut Oil, Lanolin Alcohol, PEG-100 Stearate, Parfum, Juglans Regia Shell Powder, Moringa pterygosperma, Myristamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Nelumbo nucifera, Cocos Nucifera Shell Powder, Phenethyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Caprylyl Glycol, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Sodium Hydroxide, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Tocopherol, Disodium EDTA, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Hydroxycitronellal, Caramel, CI 19140, CI 77289.

How to Use The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub

Apply on wet skin in circular motion, then rinse thoroughly.

Price of The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub

₹ 995.00 for 190 gm.

In Detail The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub Review, Swatches and My Experience

The product comes in a sturdy cream-coloured plastic jar. The lid is a screw-on type which makes it leak-free and therefore travel friendly as well. My only issue is having to dip your fingers in the jar every time – rather unhygienic for a product that has to be used on the skin. But I found a solution – I scoop out a bit of the product onto a small dish using a clean and sterilised spatula.

The product itself is a pearly white cream with granules in green and yellow colour. The scrub has a mild flowery smell – akin to the smell of moringa flowers, from whose pods moringa oil is extracted. Moringa is increasingly becoming important for the health and well being of our body – both from inside and outside. Commonly called drumsticks, it is a very nutritious tree that has over 90 nutritional compounds including 46 antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatories. The zeatin, a form of protein present in moringa helps promote small cell size, essential for having elastic, supple and youthful skin.

The Body Shop’s Moringa Oil Scrub has two moringa-based ingredients and it also has some nice antioxidants in the form of grape seed and rice, moisturizing oils (brazil and sesame), while coconut and walnut shells do the job of scrubbing. So I found the scrub quite nice from first use itself. My skin felt softer and smoother after the shower, but not overtly dry.

After a month of using the scrub twice a week, I noticed the tan had gone away completely and there were less bumps – especially on my shoulder and back (I do get some back acne in the summer months). The scrub is a little gritty but is gentle on the skin and it easily exfoliates the dead skin cells. Rinsing off is easy once done and it doesn’t leave any residue behind. The other thing – a little goes a long way. I had to use very little of the product – and I noticed this was also because I was prepping my skin and preparing it for exfoliation. If you use it on dry skin, you will end up using a lot more of the product.

How I Use it

I usually ‘prep’ my skin for exfoliation by either soaking in a warm bath for 5-7 minutes or running a shower for the same time. Then I step out of the shower and gently just pat the skin to remove excess water – but not dry it completely. I then apply the scrub in a clockwise motion for 5 minutes and let it stay for another five minutes.

Then with damp hands, I proceed to rub anticlockwise to remove the scrub and slough away the dead skin. I don’t force remove the scrub and whatever debris remains, I rinse off with warm water. Now this process does open up the pores. So I splash my skin with cold water to close the pores.

Effects of The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub

I did find that the scrub cleans and buffs away the dead skin really well in no time and makes you feel fresh with the delicate white flower scent. The best thing is that it does not leave the skin feeling stretched. Over 2-3 weeks, I also noticed that the skin around my knees and elbows was becoming more presentable and not dark and callous-ridden.

The scrub is heavy duty but it didn’t irritate my skin or cause it to break out. The best experience was the way my tan was removed – gradually. I think this is by and large a good product that can be bought despite the steep price. One just has to be clever about how one uses it.

More Photos, Swatches

The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub Review on MBF

The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub Review MBF Blog

The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub Review swatches

Pros of The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub

  1. Removes dead skin cells – extremely effective in removing tan
  2. Promotes circulation
  3. Hydrating
  4. Mild fragrance – does not overpower
  5. Effective in sloughing off dry, dull, listless and pigmented skin
  6. Promotes feeling of freshness

Cons of The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub

  1. Prolonged use may irritate skin
  2. Improper/ over-eager use can cause rashes – because scrub granules are large

MBF Advises

Don’t use this product on the face as the size of the scrub granules can prove harsh on delicate facial skin. Though the scrub can be used on calluses and the heels. Also, while scrubbing, use gentle pressure as the scrub is quite gritty.

MBF Rating

4.5/5 (Price. Price. Price)

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