The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum Review

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The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum Review

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum perfume Review India

You know me and my obsession with perfumes if you have been a regular viewer of my blog. I regularly bump into the body shop whenever I hit the mall and this time oh boy! was one of the best visits in a long time. Out of a dozen things which I picked up, I am most excited about this spicy bad boy.

About The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum


Discover the hot NEW Red Musk collection, an intensely different feminine fragrance that is scandalising the perfume establishment with its smouldering blend of spiced musk with hot notes of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco – and no flowers!

The scent adds a red-hot note to the scandalous fragrance history of The body Shop®.

In 1981, we pioneered iconic White Musk®; the first fragrance with man-made, cruelty-free musk. We broke the rules rather than using the perfume industry’s standard ingredient gathered from deer, and shaped the future of scent in the process.

Today, the Red Musk collection is set to continue this history of challenging convention, by turning up the heat on the codes of feminine fragrance.

Defy conventions with Red Musk™ Eau de Parfum. Combining spiced musk with hot notes of cinnamon and intense tobacco for a distinctly different fragrance.

No flowers – just a bold blend of musk and spice
Contains cruelty-free musk
Lasting eau de parfum
Enriched with Community Fair Trade Alcohol from Ecuador

Now What are these Unique Ingredients in it which make it so special?


Gathered from pepper plants, the sun dried pepper fruits are stem-distilled to preserve their biting scent. The addictive note adds a sparkling dimension to the fragrance.


A known aphrodisiac, cinnamon is used in perfumery for its versatile depth. Its sweet yet savoury scent is intriguingly irresistible.


Almost exclusively used in male fragrance, tobacco accord is a contemporary classic. The smoky note gives the base a mysterious allure that is impossible to resist.

Detail Ingredient List

Alcohol Denat. (Solvent), Alcohol (Solvent), Aqua/Water/Eau (Solvent), Parfum/Fragrance (Fragrance), Hydroxycitronellal (Fragrance Ingredient), Coumarin (Fragrance Ingredient), t-Butyl Alcohol (Denaturant), Limonene (Fragrance Ingredient), Linalool (Fragrance Ingredient), Eugenol (Fragrance Ingredient), Denatonium Benzoate (Denaturant).

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum Review India MBF


2995/- for 60 ml bottle.

The Lady behind this scent

Corinne Cachen, Master Perfumer at The Body Shop

How to Use

Spritz onto neck and pulse points.

In Detail The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum Review

The moment I walk into TBS store, our lady of sales smiles upon me and takes me straight to this amazing new launch. I lost my senses for approximately 5 seconds when I smelled this for the first time. I immediately picked one and handed it over to the lady to put it on my cart. It is one of those rare scents which is just perfect. Before we jump into the scent, I will mention about the packaging. It is our regular TBS Musk range perfume packaging. It looks super spicy by the packaging itself!

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum Review

Now coming back to the smell. Well, it has a musk base all over. With a soft tobacco going on in the background and hints of cinnamon and pepper continuously surrounding you. It is totally mesmerising. If you are a person who is into woody/musky fragrances, this is your baby. This is a very unique, one of its kind earthy, smokey, woody and musky perfume (Yes all in one!) However I should warn you, if you are someone too much into extra feminine strict floral scents, this may not be the best choice for you. This bad boy has absolutely no floral notes to it. My mother actually told me that TBS used to have this scent called “Woody Musk” and it reminded her of that scent a lot.

Although pepper, cinnamon, specially tobacco are used commonly in masculine fragrances, the body shop has approached femininity with a completely different perspective putting in a rather spectacular blend of spices. This smell has a very hot feminine charm to it which I am heads over heels in love with. I think this is slowly kind of becoming my signature scent 😀

Coming to the details, speaking of lasting power first I would say this lasted on me for good 4-5 hours after which I could smell it only when I got my wrist close to my nose. Sillage is decent, nothing which would draw a mob around you 😛 The unique scent however, is going to have a lasting impression on the minds of people who smell this baby.

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum perfume Review

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum EDT parfum oil Review

PROs of The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum

1. Love the spicy looking packaging
2. In 100% pure love with this unique spicy scent
3. Smells really hot and sexy 😀
4. Decent staying power
5. Moderate sillage
6. No floral notes – for the people who are not a great fan of florals
7. Not tested on animals

CONs The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum

1. Quite pricy however, the incredible scent made my money worth spending.

MBF Recommendation

If you are someone who loves musky, woody, spicy scents you are going to love this. With no floral notes, this is going to be a total hit among ladies who are not very specific to floral fragrances.

MBF Rating



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