The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask Review

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The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask Review: Hey guys, so the long weekend of Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti just passed. However I had duties back to back and I honestly didn’t get a single day off. My work hours are crazy long and if you’re in health care, you know the condition of Indian doctors! Anyways, so yesterday when I came back from work, my skin was screaming to be saved. I mean it just looked dull and not fresh somehow. My first thought was masking! But I wanted to try something soothing as well as hydrating. Therefore instead of going for a clay mask, I took out this Aloe Sheet Mask by The Face Shop. Let’s read below about how it works and whether it brought my tired skin back to life.

The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask Review

About The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask

A mask sheet that mildly calms sensitive skin with aloe essence, the Real Nature Aloe Face Mask by Faceshop is here to transform your skin! Your skin will be soft and supple in a couple of minutes with this Mask, leaving you looking effortlessly flawless. The rich extracts, with soothing properties, offers softness and hydration to skin. So ladies, this is a mask we absolutely swear by. Are you ready for gorgeous skin days? We think so!

  • Contains one single-use face mask.
  • This product is dermatologically tested.
  • Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.

The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask Review Info

How to Use The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask

  1. Unfold the mask and carefully place it on your freshly cleansed face, avoiding the eye and mouth contours.
  2. Remove after 10-12 minutes and tap gently on skin until the serum is completely absorbed.

Ingredients in The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask Review Ingredients

Price of The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask

₩ 1000.00 for 20 g in Korea
RM 4.90 for 20 g in Malaysia
S$ 3.00 for 20 g in Singapore
$ 2.00 for 0.70 oz in USA
£ 2.00 for 20 g in UK (approx)
C$ 3.00 for 20 g in Canada
₹ 100.00 for 20 g in India

In Detail The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask Review and My Experience

The Face Shop Aloe face mask comes in a aloe green coloured packaging. We need to peel the top in order to use the product. Inside the packet, the cotton fibre sheet is actually kept soaking in the aloe serum. I love the fact that the packaging is pretty simple, light weight, informative and most importantly travel friendly. I can easily carry this along on vacations or mini outings. To be honest, I find the concept of sheet mask very innovative and useful. Also, these are quite inexpensive. Often you can find them on discounted rates specially during the sale season. I in fact have stocked up on so many of these.

The aloe mask has a slightly floral scent to it. If you look at the ingredients list above, you’ll notice the last ingredient is “fragrance” so this is indeed an added scent. Also, I am not sure if I feel very comfortable about the fact that this contains Silicones as well as denatalcohol. Hence, it is not exactly a 100% natural product. Besides all the natural extracts, it does contain some amount of chemicals as well.

How I Use it

After taking it out of the packet, I unfold the mask and adjust it on my cleansed facial skin. I feel it is extremely important that we wash our face before using any face mask. This mask is made to fit the facial contours. It has holes for eyes, nose and lips. However, it is quite big for my face. Hence the sheet just wrinkles up around the periphery of my face, specially my chin area. On the positive side, the serum that it is soaked in is of moderate consistency. It does not drip from my face. Hence after I put this mask on, I can easily do some light household chores. It dries in about 15 minutes. Then I remove the sheet and gently pat my skin. There is no need to wash the face after using the mask.


While the mask is on, it feels like I am having a luxurious relaxing experience in a spa. I mean it has a slight cooling sensation as well as provides a soothing feel to the skin. After removing the sheet, my skin looked hydrated and fresh. There is absolutely no tacky or oily feeling. My skin feels soft and nourished. What I really like is the fact that it takes away all the dullness and calms down my irritated skin. I am pretty positive that this would be great for beauties with sensitive skin. However because this contains some chemical elements, I strongly advise doing a patch test before using this on your face.

Overall Verdict

First of all, hands down sheet masks are the most amazing concept I was introduced to. When it comes of this particular variant i.e. Aloe Sheet mask by The face shop, I have to say I am quite happy with it. It claims to soothe and hydrate the skin and well that is exactly what it does. Love how this relieved my tired skin. I would specially suggest using this after a tiresome day because the soothing feel it gives to the skin is quite amazing.

I am someone who barely can take out time to go to spa etc on a regular basis. Hence if you are someone like me, you got to try out these sheet masks. They work amazingly and you can have a lovely at home pampering session with friends or family. In fact, I my mother in law as well as my husband loved these masks when they used it. So if you haven’t tried these yet, you need to stop everything and go get yourself a bunch of sheet masks!

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PROs of The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask

1. Simple, user friendly as well as travel friendly packaging.
2. Easy to use with some natural extracts.
3. Provides an amazing relaxing and soothing experience to the skin.
4. Hydrates and freshens up the skin.
5. Inexpensive.
6. Ideal for a quick skin pampering time at home or during travel.
7. These mask come in a wide range of variants to suit different skin needs.

CONs of The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask

1. This one kind of does not fit my face very well. I do have to keep adjusting it so that the mask is completely in contact with my facial skin.
2. Contains some chemicals like denaturedalcohol, silicones etc.
3. Availability is currently limited to certain online retailers.

The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask Review MBF

MBF Advises

1. Always cleanse your facial skin properly before using any face mask.
2. Make sure your you let the sheet sit on your face till it becomes fairly dry. This will make sure that your skin absorbs all the goodness that it has to offer.
3. If you wish to provide your skin an extra boost of freshness or hydration before makeup, these sheet masks are amazing way to do it.
4. For an extra cooling effect, store this in a refrigerator for like 20 minutes before using it.

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  1. I love TFS masks. After using the mask, some amount of serum is left inside if you notice inside the packet. I don’t throw it away and use it later. 😀 😛

  2. I am also a huge lover of sheet masks. Whenever i wan to give my skin some pampering i always reach out to sheet masks. Infact the Aloe Vera variant is one among many of my favourites from Face shop’s varied range of sheet masks. Yes, it does actually provide that hydration to a dull and dry skin. Love it 🙂


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