The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask Review

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The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask Review: Hey guys, so I am back with another sheet mask review. I am sure a lot of you are already familiar with the concept of sheet masks. They are basically thin tissue cotton sheets soaked in serums. Based on different types of serum formulas they’re soaked in, there are a variety of these masks. Today, I am going to talk about a sheet mask from The Face Shop which has lotus flower extracts. Its supposed to moisturise as well as provide radiance to the skin. I tried it on and below I have shared my experience in detail with this mask. Please keep on reading to learn more about it.

The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask Review MBF

Claims for The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask

A mask sheet that mildly calms sensitive skin with rich essence, the Real Nature Lotus Face Mask is here to transform your skin! Your skin will be soft and supple in a couple of minutes with this Mask, leaving you looking effortlessly flawless. The rich extracts, with soothing properties, offers softness and hydration to skin. So ladies, this is a mask we absolutely swear by. Are you ready for gorgeous skin days? We think so!

  • Contains one single-use face mask.
  • This product is dermatologically tested.
  • Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.

How to Use The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask

  1. After washing face, arrange skin texture with toner.
  2. Unfold the mask sheet and Spread over face, adjusting from eyes to nose
  3. After 10 to 15 minutes, take the mask off and lightly tap the leftover essence for absorption

The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask Review Info

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on irritated skin. Discontinue use if irritation or rash appears.

Ingredients in The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask

water/eau • dipropylene glycol • glycerin • calendula officinalis flower extract • alcohol denat. • sorbitol • macadamia ternifolia seed oil • panthenol • propanediol • betaine • citrus paradisi (grapefruit) fruit extract • allantoin • dipotassium glycyrrhizate • xanthan gum • magnesium aluminum silicate • peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil • carbomer • ethylhexylglycerin • potassium hydroxide • caprylhydroxamic acid • parfum/fragrance

The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask Review Ingredients

Price of The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask

₩ 1000.00 for 20 g in Korea
RM 4.90 for 20 g in Malaysia
S$ 3.00 for 20 g in Singapore
$ 2.00 for 0.70 oz in USA
£ 2.00 for 20 g in UK (approx)
C$ 3.00 for 20 g in Canada
₹ 100.00 for 20 g in India

In Detail The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask Review and My Experience

The sheet mask comes in a grey coloured packaging. There is a mark on the top from where you can tear off the top. So you don’t really need any sharp object to open it. I love the fact that the brand has made sure to mention every single detail about the product on the back labels. Also, I have to mention that I really appreciate the fact that these are very inexpensive. Hence, everyone can give these a try without hampering their budget.

When you open the packaging, you will see a folded sheet inside which is luxuriously soaking in serum. The serum in Lotus mask is a tiny bit sticky but not really bothersome. The soft tissue sheet itself is cut in shape of a face with holes for eyes, nose and lips. On me personally, this sheet does not fit my face perfectly. Its slightly bigger. However, with a little bit of adjustment I am sure everyone can make it work. Also, this one has an amazing floral scent.

How I Use it

Before using any face mask, I wash my face. After that, I unfold the mask sheet and adjust it to fit my face as much as possible. Because the serum is not runny, the sheet does not tend to slide from the face. Hence, you can easily do other chores while the mask is on. I let it sit on my face until the serum dries completely which takes around 15 or 20 minutes. After that, I take it off and gently massage my facial skin to evenly distribute any left over serum. Please note that you don’t have to wash your face after removing this mask.


Because our body temperature is usually warmer, the immediate effect of the mask is its cooling effect on the skin. It feels soothing and relaxing. After removing the mask, my skin feels super hydrated and nourished. My skin feels softer and smoother. Also because it packs so much hydration, there is a dewy glow added on the skin.

I love to use this at night before going to bed. Because next morning, my skin feels super nourished and fresh. On an average, the effects of this mask last for a day or a day and a half depending on your skin care routine. The point is, if you use soap based products, the effects of this mask wear off very soon. I genuinely feel that this mask can be used by all skin types. Dry skin beauties will love this because it feels like it immediately quenches the thirst of skin for hydration.

Overall, I feel that the Lotus face mask is a nice floral scented sheet mask, amazing for a relaxing pamper time when you need some extra skin hydration. This mask claims to provide radiance to the skin. However, I feel that the dewy glow it adds is only because of its super moisturising effect on the skin. It has no effect on tanning or dark spots. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin, always do a patch test before using the product.

PS. Head over to my Instagram @asthambf to see this mask in action 😀

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The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask Review

The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask Review Details

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PROs of The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask

1. Simple packaging as well as travel friendly.
2. Even if you want to use this while flying, you can just open it with your hands.
3. With a little bit of adjustments, this sits nicely on the face without sliding off.
4. Has a lovely floral smell.
5. Deeply moisturises my skin and makes it feel super hydrated.
6. There is an added dewy glow because of the nourishment.
7. Inexpensive.
8. Budget friendly way to pamper your skin on the go.

CONs of The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Face Mask

1. Effects last upto a day and a half.
2. Limited availability.

MBF Advises

1. Always make sure to wash your face well before using face masks. This ensures that the skin can absorb maximum goodness out of the products.
2. Always use a hydrating treatment for your skin once in a while.
3. If you need to apply makeup immediately after using this mask, wash your face lightly with water. Then after apply makeup.
4. Also, you can store the mask sheet in refrigerator specially in summers. So when you use it

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