Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

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Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

Makeup is something which enhances your features and adds an extra edge to the looks. Makeup has been a growing obsession among women of all ages in India. While in the western countries like USA, women are not shy to show their love for makeup; in some countries including India, though women like makeup, they are too shy to wear it. We through our blog try to make you comfortable and show you all the options that you may have. Coming to the point, today we are going to take a plunge into the Indian Glamour Industry. The Bollywood.

Top Bollywood celebrities without makeup

Bollywood actresses are fashion and beauty icons of females all over the world. While most want to look like them, some even to go the extent of wishing that they were born looking similar. Well ladies, today’s post is an effort to show you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Have confidence in yourself and your looks. Add a little bit of makeup to put on that picture perfect look and you are no less than any glamour queen in the world.

Top Ten Bollywood stars actresses without makeup

Bollywood actresses are not just known for their good looks. Remember they achieved their name and fame by extreme hard work and patience. Just good looks did not earn them their status. There was much sweat and blood involved with years of struggle for most. So work hard and be confident about yourself. This is the message I wish to convey to everyone reading this today. 🙂

Kareena Kapoor without Makeup

starting off with one of the much loved actresses of our country, Ms. Kareena Kapoor Khan. She has a very fair complexion, however just like most of the girls she does have a little uneven skin tone. However she covers for all the flaws with her beautiful and lovely smile.

Kareena kapoor real life without makeup

Kareena Kapoor without no makeup

Priyanka Chopra without Makeup

This beauty has gained fame across the globe specially after the song she did with Pitbull. She has a dusky complexion like most Indian females which add to her charming looks. Dusky beauties are said to be the most glamorous Divas anywhere in the world, no wonder she is loved everywhere. Acting, Singing, Dancing and of course makeup; she is indeed very talented. We adore you Priyanka.

Priyanka Chopra without no makeup

Priyanka Chopra without no makeup 1

Kajol without Makeup

Kajol is probably the most loved Bollywood actress ever. From her dusky looks in DDLJ with curly thick hair to her glamorous looks in some recent photoshoots, she knows how to carry her looks in all circumstances. This bubbly diva is my Dad’s favourite actress. She lures all hearts by her acting.

Kajol Devgan without makeup

Kajol devgan without no makeup

Katrina Kaif without Makeup

Katrina Kaif is blessed with a very even skin tone. Probably because she was born and brought up in a colder environment and her skin didn’t have to go through the harsh ups and downs of weather like we have in tropical/semi tropical countries including India. She is one of those actresses who is hardly ever spotted without any makeup on. She always makes sure she has a little bit of makeup on at least which indeed shows how sincere the lady is regarding making a statement in public. We wish her all the best.

Katrina Kaif without no makeup

Katrina Kaif without no makeup

Alia Bhatt without Makeup

The slightly new comer on the screen, but not really in Bollywood since she is the daughter of well known bollywood icon Mahesh Bhatt. She has some really admirable girly looks. But hold on ladies, do you think it was easy for her? No way, she too lost a lot of weight with much hard work to attain her present figure. Again, even with Alia Bhatt, it is very difficult to spot her without makeup since she makes sure she has some concealer and a little bit kajal or eyeliner on before stepping out.

Alia Bhatt Highway without makeup

Alia Bhatt weight loss without no makeup

Alia Bhatt without no makeup

Kangna Ranaut without Makeup

The Queen has been spotted without makeup only a few times. She has super lovely curly manes. Her acting in Tanu Weds Manu recently lured everyone’s hearts. She has a very humble background from Himachal and the struggle she underwent to make a mark in bollywood is worth much appreciation. She came in as a model and now is loved by all as a flawless actress.

Kangna Ranaut weight loss without no makeup

Kangna Ranaut without no makeup

Rani Mukherjee without Makeup

I probably fell in love with her acting when I saw the movie “Saathiya”. Her voice leaves a mark on everyone’s hearts. This dusky beauty has done some of the most memorable roles in Bollywood. She knows how to execute the perfect role. Much Love to you Rani.

rani mukherjee without makeup

Sonam Kapoor without Makeup

Sonam kapoor comes from a family which gave Bollywood its definition. She has a really inspiring story how she lost a lot of weight and achieved her present looks. We must all learn from her efforts. She is tall and has a lovely smile to add on to her looks. With a little bit makeup, she is always ready to rock on the screen. Sonam, you are lovely and an inspiration for so many of us.

Sonam Kapoor without makeup 1

Sonam Kapoor without no makeup 1

Anushka Sharma without Makeup

She has been a lot in the news due to her Lip job or plastic surgery which enhanced her lips. While a lot of people made it a controversial kind of an issue, I found it pretty rude. No one has the right to judge another person. She is human and she has complete authority over her body. She is free to put on whichever looks she feels comfortable in. She is a powerful actress and we love her however she is.

Anushka Sharma Without Makeup

Anushka Sharma without no makeup

Aishwarya Rai without Makeup

Last but not the least. The beauty queen of bollywood who not only won titles of beauty in India but also across the globe. She belongs to the city where I attended medical school. In fact one of my friends is her relative and I have seen her family snapshots without makeup. She is beautiful, has such graceful features and a lovely person at heart. With her sweetheart little daughter Aradhya, we hope she has the best motherhood experience. We wish you all the best Aish.

Aishwarya Rai weight loss without no makeup

So which is your favourite actress, and whom do you like with or without makeup?

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