Which Earring Shape You Should Pick & Why

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Which Earring Shape You Should Pick & Why: Diamond earrings are an excellent choice as an accessory. Versatile and easy to carry off, one can match a pair of earrings with any outfit or occasion. However, with so many shapes, sizes and designs available, picking up a dazzling piece that compliments the contours of one’s face can be tricky.

Not all women pay attention to this fact, but a right shape of earrings can accentuate the natural beauty of a face. Even the simplest designs can stand-out. So, if you want to make the most out of your buy, here’s a guide to finding that beautiful piece of earring that will add charm to your overall look.

Earrings for Long Face

Women who have a long and thin face can wear a wide range of earrings that specifically highlight the width of the jawline and cheek bones. You can choose to wear studs, medium sized danglers, and even chandelier earrings.

These earring designs will make your face look fuller and accentuate your smile and chin. Below are some gold and diamond earrings design that will go well with a long facial structure.

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Earrings for Square Face

The features of a square face are very symmetrical, and the forehead, cheeks, and jaws are about the same width. Women with square face also have a very strong jaw-line.

The key is to find earring designs that not only softens the features of the face but also takes the focus away from the jawline and adds a bit of a length around the chin.

Oval shaped earrings, long hoops and elongated earrings that drop below the chin accentuates the features of such a face. Therefore, if you have a square face try buying earrings that are of the these shapes and design.

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Earrings for Oval Face

Oval shaped face is very versatile, and most earring designs and shapes suit this face. Women with oval shaped face have a wide cheekbone, forehead, and a narrow chin. From hanging earrings, round earrings, hoop shaped earrings, jhumkas and tear drop earrings, almost every design suits the contours of an oval face.

Even earrings that have very contemporary and chic designs, such as those available with online retailers CaratLane.com will suit an oval shaped face.

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Earrings for Round Face

A round face is widest around the cheek bones, with a circular forehead and chin. Those who have a round facial structure should pick up earrings that are long and elegant. These earrings design will help elongate the structure of the face and extend a slim look.

Women with round face should avoid wearing hoop earrings and small studs to minimize the roundness of the face. Here are some earring styles that will suit face structure.

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Earrings for Diamond shaped face

The features of a diamond shape face are similar to a diamond. Narrow around the forehead and chin and wide around the cheekbones. Women who have a diamond shaped face should buy earrings that are long and elegant to reduce the sharpness of the cheekbones.

Even dangling and hoop style earrings will suit a diamond shaped facial structure. Here are some design and shapes that will suit a diamond shaped face.

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Many earring designs are in vogue, but you must pick a style that matches the facial structure of your face. Besides making you look beautiful, buying an earring that suits your face-cut also extends the advantage of value for money.

We all have a piece or two of jewellery in our trinket box that was purchased impulsively, but were never worn. Therefore, follow this guide and buy jewellery and earrings designs that suit your face.

If you have some more suggestions, please don’t forget to leave a comment below and share with the beauty and fashion community 🙂

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