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Bio Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil Review, Ingredients, Effects

Bio-Oil is now available in India not just online but also in some supermarkets. It is raved about everywhere in the world for its amazing properties. The top of the list is as a stretch mark erasing oil. I was amazed and almost didn’t believe at first at the fact that this one oil could have so many amazing effects on the skin. Let’s read about the complete Bio Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil Review, Ingredients, Effects

What is PurCellin Oil? So I did a little online research and found out that some people said that PurCellin is a substance secreted by Ducks on their skin to keep their feathers waterproof. Now this is completely absurd. The only possible relation between the duck preening substance and "PurCellin" is that they both are esters. Esters are hydrophobic or water repellant so they keep the surface from absorbing or losing oil. PurCellin is actually a synthetic ingredient which is in the language of chemistry known as cetearyl ethylhexanoate. Its often used in cosmetic industry to make the texture of the products light and non greasy. Now I really wonder, why do they call this a "breakthrough ingredient". I mean just giving a fancy name to an ingredient does not make it "breakthrough". I presume its a pure marketing gimmick. Bio-oil is a paraffin based oil which has some of the most amazing oils for the skin, this I agree. But PurCellin is not doing anything out of the box by itself.