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Essential Supplements That Can Help You Lower Your Diabetes Level

Diabetes is one of the hardest health issues to deal with because it is constantly “there”, but it doesn’t always have to be this overarching concern sitting at the back of your mind. There are many ways in which you can take the reins and control your diabetes.

Diabetes control

Obviously lifestyle choices are a big factor in maintaining a normal blood sugar level, such as exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, and continuous testing of blood glucose levels, but there are further ways that you can use to help manage this disease. Natural supplements provide an easy and often simple solution to those little aspects of the disease. They are a hot topic in scientific research and provide another way in which you can manage your blood sugar level. The bonus is that they can be found at your local chemist.

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Hello beauties,

Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Hair Serum Review

I am a known hoarder of hair products. Although I haven’t used much Biotique products, somebody suggested this Hair serum when I was suffering from hair fall. I thought, well it does look like a natural product so I gave it a shot. I know usually non medicated products cannot alter the natural hair cycle so accelerating or causing fresh hair growth was almost impossible. Still I had hopes it would somehow do something good for my damaged hair. I was quite desperate to revive my hair that time.

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Hi ladies,

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Cleanser Review

I have been using this face wash on and off for a while now. It is almost over finally after almost an year. This product line under H2O plus is a brightening range. I am always a sucker for brightening products since I get tanned pretty easily with slightest sun exposure. So let us go on and read further about this brightening cleanser.

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Hi everyone, I am going to talk about a hair oil today which is widely used in India. Remember the ad on television “Kuch Kare, in baalon ka kuch kare…bajaj almond drops tel baloon ka kuch kuch kare” 😛 So let me be honest, this ad was the reason why I decided to try out this hair oil.

Bajaj Almond Drops Non Sticky Hair Oil with Vitamin E Review

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Date Rape Drugs Rohypnol, Ketamine, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate GHB – Some Facts, Effects and Tips on How to stay Safe from them

Hi everyone, today let us talk about something related to safety of women. My blog is a platform for women. So I thought, from time to time, I will talk about safety and well being of women.

Date Rape Drugs Rohypnol, Ketamine, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate GHB - Some Facts, Effects and Tips How to stay Safe from them

I am sure most of you ladies have heard about Date Rape Drugs. These are the drugs which when administered, makes a person vulnerable to sexual assault. Sexual assault is any sexual activity done without proper consent. Being an educated woman of a prestigious nation, it is our responsibility to have the knowledge of such drugs. It is very important for our safety. The crime rate against women is increasing day by day, and it is time that we take control and do everything we can to stop such criminals. Knowledge is the most important defence when used at right times.

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