Elizabeth Arden True Love Eau De Toilette Review

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Elizabeth Arden True Love Eau De Toilette Review: Hey guys, I am here with a fragrance review today. This particular scent from Elizabeth Arden has been around for a while now. In fact, I have had it for 2 years. Recently, I rediscovered my love for it. Let me take you through all the details about this scent and tell you about my thoughts on it.

Elizabeth Arden True Love Eau De Toilette Review

About Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT

Created in 1994, True Love is a refreshing, gentle, floral fragrance recommended for romantic occasions. This feminine aroma contains a blend of jasmine, lotus, iris and is accented with narcisse, sandalwood and vetiver.

Contained in a delicate pink glass bottle, Elizabeth Arden True Love is a beautiful spring scent for women.

How to Use Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT

Spray on pulse points or as desired.

Ingredients in Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT

Elizabeth Arden True Love Eau De Toilette Review Ingredients

Price of Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT

When I purchased this, it was around ₹ 2800.00 at an airport terminal outlet.

Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT Notes

Top notes include freesia, apricot, peach, and green notes. Refreshing floral notes encompass the heart with rose, iris, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, and orris root. Hints of warmth and sweetness are at the base with notes of vanilla, amber, cedar, and sandalwood.

Elizabeth Arden True Love Eau De Toilette Review MBF

In Detail Elizabeth Arden True Love Eau De Toilette Review and My Experience

The scent bottle looks very graceful. The packaging in a beautiful pink tinged tall glass bottle with curved sides. The one word to describe the packaging is elegant. Also the fact that they mention the ingredients list is appreciable.

I usually wear this scent during the day. I was pretty skeptical while purchasing this because it says jasmine and some of you might already know that I am not a big fan of jasmine scented stuff. However, when I spray this, first thing I notice is roses and peaches. Its sweet and floral however not overly floral. I also get sandalwood and veltiver in the background which are among my favourite scents.

A little later, as the scent sinks in, I notice amber which is responsible for the slight warmth and muskiness in it. It never gets too floral or overly sweet. That is in fact very important for me. I like to wear balanced fragrances or may be slightly heavy on the side of warm musky scents. But I am not very fond of pure floral or very sweet scents. An exception to this rule is – Rose. I like roses, I love roses and I adore everything roses 🙂 .

Although this fragrance is slightly floral, but there are roses involved. Also the jasmine aspect is balanced out by the sides of sandalwood and veltiver. It never gets pin pointy jasmine. The soothing warm musk in addition to vanilla and amber totally make it a balanced formula.

So this is one of those rare “floral” fragrances which I completely love. Its such a unique scent because its floral, slightly sweet yet warm and musky. I love wearing this during the day and it often fetches compliments. Therefore, if you’re not a plain floral person like me and yet would like something not super musky or amberish for the day, do try it out.

My only complain with this scent is its lasting power. It has good sillage only for about 2 to 3 hours after which only you can smell this on yourself. Even that fades away an hour further to that.

I’d also like to add that this is a nice lingering medium fragrance. It never shows up on your face intense. So its great for daily work wear. I do not specify ages when I talk about fragrances because I always feel fragrances are very personal. Its not necessary that I don’t like something today but i’d like it 10 years later. So its a matter of personal choice, nothing to do with age. I may like a certain scent, someone may not like it and vice versa. Always test out a fragrance personally before purchasing. 🙂

Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT Review

PROs of Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT

1. Elegant, feminine packaging.
2. Well balanced out soft fragrance. Has elements of floral sweetness and warm muskiness.
3. Medium sillage, not at all overpowering.
4. Great for work time wear.
5. Not too costly for 3.3 fl oz (approx 100 mL)

CONs of Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT

1. I wish the staying power was a little better.
2. Tall bottle may not be perfect for travelling with.

Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT Review MBF Blog

MBF Advises

1. Scents are a matter of personal preference. So take everyone’s opinions but follow your own instincts.
2. Never keep perfume bottles in direct sunlight. I always keep mine inside the paper box that it came in. Or else i’d keep them inside a storage cabinet.

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