How To Get Long and Strong Hair at Home

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How To Get Long and Strong Hair at Home! 

Hello my lovely Readers,
I have had many people asking me about my hair. How do I get them so long and thick and shiny. So today here I am sharing with you guys what I do to make my hair luscious.
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair

So, now that you are here, let me introduce you to my HG method for taking care of my hair,
Let us go into a little bit details about my hair, so that you can relate better.
I have naturally wavy hair. They do tend to get more curly at times such as in conditions of increased humidity etc. My hair type is normal to dry with slightly oily scalp. But the oiliness is nothing gross and stuff, its just normal.
I introduce you to the ancient Indian way of getting longer and stronger hair. Yes, I am talking about oiling your hair. My mama used to oil my hair when I was little and hated it. She would tie two braids and didn’t allow me to leave my hair untied.

Well may be I was a kid back then, but now I am reaping the benefits.
I notice that oiling makes my hair much more shinier and overall healthy looking. If you oil your hair properly, then you can get rid of problems like frizziness, split ends, roughness and dullness.

On a long term usage, oiling makes your hair grow faster and you will notice that your hair is much stronger than it used to be before.
So I am going to take you through how I oil my hair.
I usually oil my hair once a week. I leave the oil in my hair for a night or the next day, but never more than that. By leaving the oil in your hair for 12-15 hours, I feel it absorbs more and works better.
I will take you step by step how I get my oil ready to put in my hair.
All you need is your favourite oil. Now my favourite oil is Almond oil. I have been using it for years and I just cant seem to have enough of it. Almonds are superb for your hair, skin, eyes, nails etc. They are really rich in Vitamin A which is an antioxidant as well as a known skin protecting agent. It is rich in various other vitamins and minerals. You can read more about it if you find time.
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair
I know, some people are allergic to almonds. Even I am allergic to bitter almonds, so make sure you buy sweet almond oil and it should be a 100%.
You can easily find almond oil in health food stores and grocery stores.
You can also use other oils such as Coconut oil or Olive oil. I sometimes like to switch to these just for a change, nothing in particular.
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair
Now we are going to take a bowl or a glass, anything that you want to put your oil in. I use this glass because it has a wider brim so its easier when I’m oiling my hair. 
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair

Take out sufficient amount of oil in the glass. I usually use 9-10 teaspoons of oil. Once you get the hang of it, you wont need the spoons to measure anyways. 
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair
Now, choose your favourite essential oil. I would suggest choosing between peppermint oil and rosemary oil.
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair
These essential oils increase the blood circulation to your scalp which is amazing for your hair follicles. Hair follicles get more nutrients and your hair becomes healthy. I will write about each essential oil in sometime.
I mostly use my peppermint essential oil for oiling my hair. You can use any brand as long as it’s pure.
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair
So put 6-8 drops of essential oil in your oil bowl. Mix it well by gently moving it.
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair
There, you are ready to go!
Apply this oil into your hair as I said and keep it overnight or for a day, and then wash your hair with a good shampoo after that. You want to use gentle massaging movements when you are applying the oil near your scalp. Also make sure you completely get the oil distributed all over your hair. You can use a wide toothed comb for this purpose but make sure you don’t tug onto your hair and be very gentle.
How To Get Long and Shiny Hair
After you are done oiling, you can make a braid like I do or you can go for a high bun. Because of the essential oil, your hair would smell amazing as well and you don’t have to worry about the smell of the oil as well 🙂 
You will see for yourself that after you have washed your hair, it would appear healthier and shinier. Over a period of time, the overall condition of your hair would improve and your hair growth would improve significantly.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions, suggestions; leave the comment below and I will reply as soon as its possible.
Till then,
Keep smiling and stay beautiful
Xoxo <3


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