MUA (Make Up Academy) Haul !!

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MUA (Make Up Academy) Haul !!

Hi my loves 

Continuing the shopping trend of the blog, Well, I am pretty sure the goddess of shopping would be pleased with me 😛

MUA (Make Up Academy) Haul !!

If you follow my Facebook Page, you already know how excited I was about this Haul! I am a recently turned Nail paint/Art lover and just cannot seem to have enough of them. Yes! I am collecting all I can, and I was browsing through MUA website when I came across these really interesting ideas to make your nails up. 
Also, I had heard so much about the palettes that I had to get them. In addition I also picked up a couple of Mascaras and some glitter eyeliner 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the pictures 🙂

This is everything that I got. 

1. The Palettes. 

The well known Heaven and earth Palette and comparatively newer, Undressed Palette. 

MUA (Make Up Academy) Haul !! MBF

2. Eye Products.

Faishonista Super Model Lengthening Mascara, Secret Gel eyeliner and Faishonista Double collection Mascara

MUA (Make Up Academy) Haul !! MBF

3. Nail

Faishonista Diamond Rocks, Fluff and Cuddles 

MUA (Make Up Academy) Haul !! MBF

4. Face

Undress your skin Highlighting Powder



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until then, stay gorgeous my lovelies ♥ 

14 thoughts on “MUA (Make Up Academy) Haul !!”

    • Anytime!!! I’d love to haul with you Natasha d-)
      I am super excited about Diwali but then, I have exams coming up. I wish I could go home 🙂

    • Thanks hun, the highlighting powder is one of their new launches!! I can’t wait to try it out myself 🙂 I am pretty positive this should be great 🙂 😀


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