Holiday Season Clothing Haul

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Holiday Season Clothing Haul

Clothing Haul MBF

Hello everyone, I know its been a while since I have written a post for the blog. Forgive me for I had tons of work at the hospital. I did manage to take out some time and go out for a little shopping trip. I got a bunch of bottom wears, mostly jeans lol 😀 This haul mostly has casual stuff. If you’re wondering why have I not bought any winter wear, let me tell you that I live in Manipal where currently it feels like the middle of May.

I hope you guys enjoy this little holiday haul. If you have any questions and comments, please leave them below in the comments section. Your lovely comments make my day always 🙂

1. Black formal Tops

Black formal Top

Black Formal top MBF

2. Black Jeans and Jeans-trousers

Black Jeans MBF

Black Pants MBF

3. Black Net Top (or whatever special name it has 😛 )

now clearly I am obsessed with black! Who isn’t anyways? 😀

Black net top MBF

4. Leopard Print Jeans (Yay!!)

Leopard print is my all time favourite. I have always wanted a nice leopard print trouser jeans and here I got it! I am most happy about this one when I look at my entire purchase 😀

5. Beige Jeans

Leopard print jeans MBF

6. Pink Kurti

I do wear kurti and leggings most of the times at work.

Pink Kurti MBF

7. Casual Jeans

A girl can never have enough blue jeans! trust me 😀

Blue Fade Jeans MBF

Light Blue and Dark Blue Jeans MBF

8. Casual Tops

Everyone needs to grab a handful of these on every shopping trip. I am always in love with red. Plus the blue top had the most pretty blue colour ever! The last one, though is a sports tshirt, I think I am going to use it as a casual wear. I love the stripes on the collar. It has similar stripes on the sleeves as well.

Casual Red Top MBF

Blue and Pink Casual Tops

Blue sports top MBF

All these were purchased from different places in one single mall. If you want to know the brand or the price, leave a comment below. I have hidden the tags/brand names as far as possible in the pictures because I am not affiliated to any of these brands. All these were purchased by my own money and this is not sponsored in any way.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little haul. If you want to share your shopping with us, send me an email at [email protected] and we will feature your haul at our website 🙂

Till then, have super awesome holidays with family and friends 🙂

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