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Forever 21 Haul India

Hello my babies, I know this was supposed to go up quite a long time back however, today I am finally sharing my Forever 21 haul with my pretty friends. Now, you will notice no winter clothes at all. Well, thats because the place where I live, it hardly ever drops below 24 degree celsius. Now let us all go through my crazy haul. In the end I have a few pictures of some accessories I picked also, there is like this single picture of a few random goodies.

1. Forever 21 Tops / Tshirts

I mean I had to pick these babies up. The GRUNGE was too attractive. The nice tee with eaten up appearance looked super sexy. The picture after that is actually a above belly or a short top which I totally love. Then comes my favourite, the super dark grey and that material were amazing. I love net and designs in such pattern. So I got another of that type (as if I don’t have enough already πŸ˜› ).

Forever 21 Fashion top

Forever 21 Grey top design

Forever 21 pattern top

Forever 21 grey belly top

Forever 21 net top

Forever 21 net design fashionwear

2. Forever 21 Skirts

I love skirts. Especially black skirts. I do not know but I have something for skirts. So there you go. Boom! 3 skirts, all black. One blue. We have our classic leather skirt. Then our nerdy pleated skirt and of course then the third black one. The blue skirt I intend to wear God knows where but it look too cute to not be added in my collection. πŸ˜€

Forever 21 leather skirt

Forever 21 Black Skirt

Forever 21 black skirt

Forever 21 blue skirt

3. Forever 21 Jumpsuit

Its your regular summery print jumpsuit. I hope I get time to hit the beach soon πŸ™‚

Forever 21 jump suit

4. Forever 21 Dress

It just looked complete fab dot com. I had to, I repeat I had to pick this up.

Forever 21 black dress

Forever 21 little black dress

5. Forever 21 knit tunic

Again, it is something that we don’t get usually in regular stores so I thought why not.

Forever 21 knit tunic

6. Forever 21 Tees Legging and cap

Just because they were very cute. πŸ˜€

Forever 21 clothing India

Forever 21 cap

7. Forever 21 Socks

Forever 21 socks

8. Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 earrings

9. Forever 21 Bracelet and Armlet

Forever 21 armlet bracelet

10. Forever 21 Sling Bag

Forever 21 black trendy sling bag

Forever 21 Sling Bag

11. Accessorise Jewellery

Accessorize jewellery

Forever 21 accessorize

12. Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Range

Burned a hole in my pocket. Ouch!

13. Shiseido, Lotus Herbals, Colorbar, etc

Clarins White Plus range, Shiseido lipstick, Lotus new kajal, colorbar nail polish remover

I hope you guys enjoyed my little haul. Tell me your favourites out of these. I am rather excited about them all πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚



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