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Hello My beautiful friends,

MBF is now hiring contributors. We are interested in writers who are passionate about makeup, beauty and fashion. We want content which is original, descriptive and interesting.

Makeupandbeautyforever makeupandbeauty forever writer

Please go through the following details before starting.

Email id to be used for all purposes- [email protected]

Mandatory requirements:

  1. An original photo ID proof – scanned or a good quality image.
  2. Your bank account details (in your own name) in the following format

For Indian Residents:

  1.  Full Name of the account holder
  2.  Name of the bank
  3.  Account Number
  4.  IFSC Code
  5.  Branch Name and address

For Foreign/ Non residential Indians:

  1. Full Name
  2. Paypal account
  3. Mention if you are working for someone else or associated with a brand or a company.

Remuneration details

Every published article on MBF earns Rs. 200/- (INR). For every 5 posts that you get published on the blog, a bonus of Rs. 50/- (Indian) or $1 (Non Indian) will be added to your total payment amount from our side (for exclusive MBF Blog writers only). As mentioned above, the payment for Indian residents will be made through online bank transfer only to the bank account which is in your own name. For Non Indian residents, the payment will be made through Paypal only.

We will make the payment in the last week of every month to all writers. Please make sure that you send us the following details in the last week of every month so that we can process your payment on time.

  1. Your full name
  2. Bank Account/Paypal details as mentioned above
  3. Name of the article along with the links of it on the blog
  4. This email must be sent to [email protected] by the last week of the month

It is of paramount importance that you send these details in the last week of every month preferably at least 3-4 days before the end of the month. For all the content written after the date that you send us the details, the payment details can be sent with the next month’s details.

If you fail to provide us the details as per stated, please do not expect us to process the payment on our own. If you wish to check your published posts, please click your name under the title of any of  your published articles, this will show you all your posts published on the blog.

Content Format

All articles must be original. Each article should have no less than 600 words. The articles are to be written in proper English with correct spellings. Do not use sms language and short forms like “u for you”, “lyk for like”, “dis for this”, “gonna for going to” etc. Please do not fill up the words by ingredients and claims, you can use pictures for the same. Try to talk more about the products in detail so that the person who is reading it gets a clear idea about it. For make up products like lipstick, eyeshadow etc, needless to say swatches of lips, eyelids respectively are compulsory. Full photographs of complete face makeup (optional) are welcome along with. Please follow a systematic format for the articles and summarise your review in “PROs” and “CONs” list and number them. We will use your full name as the author of the article and not just any alias. Write at least 2-3 points under the heading “MBF Advices” in order to give our readers some useful tips related to the product.

There must be at least 6 good quality images accompanying every article. The images must be very clear, crisp and taken from a good quality camera. (Images must be greater in width than the length or in other words, the images must be horizontally aligned). Images taken from a cellphone will not be accepted at all. Before you start writing, use the search option and make sure the product has not been previously reviewed on the blog by someone else.

MBF deserves full copyright over the submitted images and articles. If it is found that the article or images have been copied from other sources or reproduced or re-sold somewhere, all your payments will be withheld and we will terminate your contract with us with immediate effect.

We accept following articles

  1. Makeup products review.
  2. Beauty products review.
  3. Fashion and outfit articles.
  4. Beauty Subscription Box Reviews (Only well known ones) – Remuneration will be Rs. 100/- only if sent before 15th of that particular month.
  5. For Nail paints – please go through the following or email us for further details.

(Nail Paint Reviews:
High end brands (MAC, Dior, Chanel, NARS, Estee Lauder)- one nail paint per review accepted.
Medium range brands (China Glaze, OPI, Sally Hansen, Inglot, Essie, Zoya) – 3 nail paints per review accepted.
Budget Brands (L’Oreal, Maybelline, Lakme, NYX, Revlon, Wet n Wild, Colorbar) – 5 nail paints per review accepted. )

Please do not send us the following

  1. Bad quality photographs.
  2. Articles which have grammatical and/or spelling mistakes.
  3. Any other product which may be considered inappropriate for our blog by our team (we will mention it in reply to your email in this case).
  4. Product reviews which have already been reviewed on the blog. (Please use the search box to look for product reviews already done. )

Important Points

  • Please be aware of the fact that we have a very limited team, which puts in a lot of hard work so we will not be replying to emails unless it is very necessary. Do not send us emails asking every small point. Read this post again and I am sure the doubt will be clear.
  • You can send us haul posts for fun but we won’t be remunerating for the same.
  • Please go through this write up twice to make sure you understand everything.
  • If you have a confusion regarding whether a particular product can be reviewed or not, email us.
  • Never copy an article fully or partially or any image from any other source. This will result in immediate termination of our contract with you.
  • In case of any discrepancy regarding the payment, approach us as soon as possible. Any such discrepancy brought to our notice which is more than 3 months old will not be entertained by us.
  • Please do not be rude with anyone.
  • If possible send us a list of items you wish to review beforehand.
  • If you send us an article and you don’t see it getting published for the next 7 days, email us the article again and put “Reminder” is the subject of the email.
  • For all concerns, our decision would be final whether we can publish your article or not.
  • We do not accept reviews of brands of limited availability or local brands, however if considered appropriate, we can accept the review and the payment for such brand products will be decided individually.
  • For brands like Oriflame, Avon, Khadi, Amway etc we follow half payment policy.
  • Please Note: MBF Blog reserves complete legal copyright over the submitted content like the write up and images. You may not reproduce the write up and/or images for any of your personal/public use anywhere without permission.
  • All published content on MBF blog are copyrighted property of MBF Blog. Any violation or theft (reproducing images/content without the pertaining link of MBF Blog or prior permission) may force us to take legal actions.
  • MBF reserves full editorial authority on the articles submitted. Our editorial team may edit out certain parts if needed.
  • Please check your article for spellings and other grammatical mistakes before sending them.

For any further information, please email us mentioning the “subject” of the email clearly.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing your reviews and send us the email. You can go through the other posts on the blog to get an orientation about how to write. 🙂

The email id used for all purposes is   asthambf [@] gmail [.] com

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  1. Last year we got huge makeup vouchers for Diwali and new year bonus, what are we getting this year Astha??? I am excited, can’t wait 😀 😀

  2. Hello Aastha.
    I am not able to send you out my article. What to do? I have been trying to send an article lately, but I can’t. I’ve no idea, what could be possible problem.


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