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Which Earring Shape You Should Pick & Why

Which Earring Shape You Should Pick & Why: Diamond earrings are an excellent choice as an accessory. Versatile and easy to carry off, one can match a pair of earrings with any outfit or occasion. However, with so many shapes, sizes and designs available, picking up a dazzling piece that compliments the contours of one’s face can be tricky.

Not all women pay attention to this fact, but a right shape of earrings can accentuate the natural beauty of a face. Even the simplest designs can stand-out. So, if you want to make the most out of your buy, here’s a guide to finding that beautiful piece of earring that will add charm to your overall look.

Earrings for Long Face

Women who have a long and thin face can wear a wide range of earrings that specifically highlight the width of the jawline and cheek bones. You can choose to wear studs, medium sized danglers, and even chandelier earrings.

These earring designs will make your face look fuller and accentuate your smile and chin. Below are some gold and diamond earrings design that will go well with a long facial structure.

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Karwa Chauth Step by Step Makeup Tutorial by Professional Makeup Artist

Karwa Chauth Step by Step Makeup Tutorial by Professional Makeup Artist Aditi Jain: Karwa chauth is a festival celebrated in many countries. On this auspicious day married Hindu and Sikh women fast from sunrise to moonrise for safety and long life of their husbands. For this day ladies want to look their best. So they pamper themselves with new dresses, bangles, jewellery, henna and what not. So ladies now that your attire is ready and jewellery is decided, lets create the makeup look for this karwa chauth. You can read more about Karva Chauth Here – The Day of Love – Rajasthani Marwari Style !! Happy Karwa Chauth 🙂


Hey ladies!! My name is Aditi and I am a makeup artist. Today I will be creating a makeup look that you can try this karwa chauth. The look which I am going to show today is easy and will suit all skin tones. I am going to do this look on my mom. 🙂

My Best Friends, Sharing a part of my Life :)

My Best Friends, Sharing a part of my Life 🙂 : Hi Guys, we hope everyone is having an awesome day! Well we haven’t posted in MBF Cafe for a while and today I wanted to share part of my life with my friends. By the end of this, I realised that it has become a pretty long post. So grab some popcorn or snacks while reading it. I hope you guys enjoy. 🙂 Do not forget to share with everyone some bits of your stories with your friends in the comments below. 🙂

Astha Goel MBF Wedding Haldi with Best friends

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How to Prevent Hair Frizz and Hair Fall during Humid Monsoons

Monsoons are super awaited by all specially after the scorching heat of summers. Everyone loves the rainy weather. The only problem is with our Hair which starts turning frizzy and rough. You are not alone, because I have observed that almost all of us go through this problem. However we have to know the correct methods by which we can tackle this hair problem and enjoy the monsoon rains without any worry. So I am going to list out some of the ways in which I take care of my hair during monsoons and prevent them from frizzing up and going rough. This also helps with increased hair fall which a lot of us face in this season. Here I  listed down these ways on How to Prevent Hair Frizz and Hair Fall during Humid Monsoons. If you are suffering from Dandruff — Read this article on top home remedies for dandruff.

How to reduce hair fall frizz in humid monsoon makeup and beauty blog

How to do Basic Eye Makeup – Step Wise

Hi my angels, today I wanted to talk to you guys about very basic eye makeup. I know a lot of you love doing makeup but still struggle in the steps like – Should I apply eyeliner before or after the eyeshadow? When do I apply mascara? What goes after eyeliner? When do I do my eye brows? Well the questions may be numerous. So I am here sharing with you guys steps which I follow. I will do a basic write up on How to do Basic Eye Makeup – Step Wise the way I do it. If you have some more suggestions or tips, kindly mention them in the comments below. Let’s begin..

How to do Basic Eye Makeup Step Wise

Most important thing to know about eye makeup is – You need to be patient. The eye makeup may look like its not looking so good in the beginning but once you are done, it is going to look gorgeous if you do it the right way. Of course, you can be creative in your own ways. 🙂

Arpita Khan is angry, has a STRONG message for everyone!

Arpita Khan is angry, has a STRONG message for everyone!  Salman Khan‘s little sister Arpita Khan Sharma had made headlines during her wedding in 2014 at Taj Falaknuma Palace. She is a pampered sister and a loved daughter. She gave birth to a baby boy on March 2016. His name is Ahil. The Sharmas and Khans couldn’t be happier. According to her instagram posts, the blessed new mommy is enjoying vacations at U.S.A. with family. However you will be shocked to see what comments people left on her Instagram photos!

Salman Khan Sohail Khan Arpita Khan

Salman Khan is getting Married and here is the Bride Iulia Vantur !

Salman Khan is getting Married and here is the Bride Iulia Vantur ! Hi everyone, I am sure all of you know that #SalluBhai has been dating Romanian model-anchor Iulia Vantur since a long time. I mean he has dated celebrities like Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. But it never came to a wedding rumour. However this time, it looks like almost certain that these two love birds are finally tying the knot. Read below to know the reasons why it is almost sure that they are getting married.

Salman Khan is getting Married here is the Bride Iulia Vantur !