Avene, H2O Plus and Barever Haul

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Avene, H2O Plus and Barever Haul

Avene, H2O plus and Barever Haul

Hello my beautiful friends,

I indulged in some shopping this weekend since I happened to visit my local beauty store and picked up a few things from there. Certain products I picked up sometime back. I did not buy much but just a bunch of things that I had been wanting for a while now.

I did get tanned recently because of a few out of city camps where I was under the direct mercy of his highness the Sun. Because of that, I got some brightening products as well as suggested by my dear SA. Without further ramblings, let me take you through the stuff I got.

1. Avene Eau Thermale Range

Avene Cleanance Masque Mask, Serum Blanchissant Whitening Essence, Gentle Milk Cleanser

Avene Eau Thermale Cleanance Masque Mask

I have been wanting this product since forever now. I mean whenever I tried to buy this baby it was always out of stock. This one time I even ordered it from an online shopping portal but something happened to the order and it didn’t reach me. I finally have this now, phew! I have high hopes. Lets see how this works.

Price: Rs 1200 for 50 ml

Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Masque Mask

Avene Eau Thermale Sensitive White Serum Blanchissant Whitening Essence

Drum rolls everyone! I was waiting for this for 4 months now! I have heard it works well for tanning. Mr. Serum you better work I’ve spent a bomb on you.

Price: Rs 2350 for 50 ml

Avene Serum Blanchissant Whitening Essence

Avene Eau Thermale Gentle Milk Cleanser

Now this product is meant for dry skin. I have combination skin but it has been behaving a little bit more on the drier side since a few weeks. Moreover I have heard so many raves about this that I decided to pick this up anyways! 😀

Price: Rs 1190 for 200 ml

Avene Lait demaquillant douceur Gentle Milk Cleanser

2. H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Range

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Toner, Brightening Cleanser, Brightening Spot Corrector

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Cleanser

This range basically was a suggestion from my salon lady. She said she uses it and had amazing results. I am going to start using this and hope for great results.

Price: Rs 1450 for 120 ml

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Cleanser Nettoyant Lumineux

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Toner

I wanted a nice new toner for myself and this seemed pretty nice. I just picked this up along since I wanted to try the waterwhite range by H2O +

Price: Rs 1299 for 200 ml

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Toner Tonique Lumineux

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Toner

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Spot Corrector

When we tan, we have certain more problematic areas. I got this hoping this would work great as a spot treatment. We will see how good you really are Mr. Spot corrector.

Price: Rs 2100 for 2.65 ml

H2O Plus Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Spot Corrector Stylo Corrector Lumineux

3. Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor

Barever is by the same company which came up with the Everteen Natural Intimate wash. This product was actually sent to me. I have included this in this haul post because well, why not? This concept of using hair retarder creams is new in India and I hope this works great.

Price: Rs 1100 for 80 g

Barever Hair Retarder Inhibitor

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor

I hope you guys enjoyed my little mixed haul. I will be using these products and review them as and when I have a proper opinion about them. Let me know if you guys have used these before and about your opinion about them.

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