Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Mask

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Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Mask: Hi my beautiful friends, how is everyone doing?

Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Mask

Not long back, I shared my Hair Care Routine with you guys. I have made a few changes since then and I am using a bunch of different products. 


This product will clean and moisturize your hair gently. It is filled with Silk amino acids and Shea butter that keeps your hair soft, frizz free and makes them manageable and shiny. This is a perfect hair mask for those who crave for a smooth touch to their hair.


Aqua,Cetearyl Alchohol, Behentrimonium Chloride,Cyclopentasiloxane,Stearyl Alchohol,Cetyl Esters,Fragrance,Dimethicone,Methyl Paraben,Benzyl Salicylate,Shea Butter, Hexyl Cinnamal,Butyl Phenyl, Methyl Propional,Chlorhexidine,Dyhydrochloride,Sodium Citrate,Limonine ,Silk amino acid.

Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Mask

How to use

Take a small amount in palms and apply to damp hair and spread nicely in every area. Keep it on hair for 15 minutes (with or withou heat). Wash thouroughly

Best for:

All Hair Types


Tangled Hair

Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Mask


575/- INR for a 490 g tub of product. 

My Experience:

I got this product from my beauty supply store because if you have read my Hair Care posts, you know I have wavy-curly hair type which all of us would agree, needs a lot of attention. The SA raved quite a bit about it, and I said you know what, lemme get this.  It comes in this stout orange coloured tub, which is a common packaging for the Matrix Hair Masks. It has this screw lid and its pretty easy to scoop out the product in your palms and slather into your manes. The concerns being, the tub packaging kind of makes it unhygienic. In addition, the packaging being huge, its definitely not fit for travelling.  The product has a thick-thin consistency, slightly slimy. It is very easy to spread onto your hair. I use it once or twice or week depending on how my hair has been behaving. I apply it along the length of my hair concentrating on the ends after shampoo. Make sure you cover all your hair. I don’t really prefer applying products onto my scalp because scalp produces natural oils, and those are enough for the nourishment of the roots. 

Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Mask

I leave it on for approximately 10-15 minutes and in the mean time, I do rest of the shower stuff. I wash it off with cold water and you can immediately feel that your hair feels less tangled and kind of smoothened out. Like usual, I leave my hair to air dry almost all the times and finally, I would say it definitely reduces tangles and frizz to a great extent. It makes your hair more touchable and imparts a clean shine to your hair.  This product works good for me, however I am not sure if it is going to be a hit among the ladies with oily hair types. They do not have a smaller version of this product so I can’t say try before you buy the full size. I guess, when you visit your saloon next time, you might ask them to try this product on to your hair since most saloons carry Matrix hair care range.  I would for sure recommend this for beauties with dry or curly hair types, go for it, it is great value for money. It works good and smells like typical matrix smell. 

Pros of Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Mask

1. Great product for dry and curly hair types

2. Smoothens and softens the hair to a great extent

3. It quenches the thirst of your hair by its amazing moisturising properties without making your hair feel oily or sticky

4. Not so thick consistency, which makes it easy to apply in shower on your hair

5. Good amount of product for the money we pay

6. Decent smell

7. Easily available at saloons, beauty supply stores and online

Cons of Matrix Opticare Intense Smoothing Mask

1. Might not be great with oily hair types

2. They must work on the packaging and must come up with something more hygienic since matrix hair masks are such a hit among ladies

3. If only there were smaller travel sized versions of the product

4. It does have quite a lot of chemicals, but hasn’t done anything bad for my hair. 

Do I recommend this?

If you have hair which you need to tame down, girl, you need to try this. Its decently priced, so its not gonna hurt your pocket. It is also great for the beauties who have chemically straightened hair. 

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    • I generally apply the mask after shampoo. The mask is really hydrating, you don’t need a conditioner separately before applying the hair mask. 🙂

  1. I didn’t find it hairs become so sticky after using seems that I haven’t washed properly but I found same result even after washing for a long time


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