Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches

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Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches: Hey guys, so this whole entire world has come to the conclusion that 2017 is the year of highlighters! I mean name a brand and tell me if it has not already launched a highlighter. Morphe is not a new name and I feel one of the most talked about brand in the USA since its collaboration with almost every American blogger. Hence when Morphe collabed with Deysi Danger to bring out a new highlighter palette, I got super excited. I ordered this palette directly from Morphe’s official website in the USA and have been using it since the day I got it. Today, I am sitting down to review this amazing palette by Morphe and Deysi Danger. So let us explore more about this palette and learn about my experience with it.

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches

About Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette

Slayed, snatched and fearless – Deysi Danger knows how to make a statement. Not only does this palette deliver the radioactive glow that Deysi is known for, it is practical and versatile with shades to fit a range of skin tones. It features a rosy bronze that is perfect for deeper complexions, a champagne gold and even lavender shades that are very much on trend. There’s also two matte powders in banana and French vanilla that are perfect for brightening the under eye. Wear them alone or mix it up in true Deysi style.

“I have collaborated with Morphe to bring a highlight palette to their collection. You will find colors in this palette that I have rocked since my counter days; mixing colors and making my own as always. With this palette, you can go from a soft dewy look to a complete Deysi Danger beat down! You will glow so hard! I hope you love it as much as I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU…Never give up on your dreams because everything is possible in this life; if I did it so can you! xx” – Deysi Danger

How to Use Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette

  1. Use matte yellow banana shades from Deysi Danger Highlight Palette to brighten undereyes. Use champagne gold shades in the palette as highlights to look like a golden goddess. It is possible to use highlight shades as eyeshadows too
  2. There are 7 proper highlighter shades to give you blinding to subtle natural glow.
  3. 2 shades in the palette, (1st & 2nd in first row) are matte powders which I personally use for setting makeup rather than highlighting.
  4. So it basically depends how you want to use it. 🙂

Ingredients in Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette

Talc, Mica, Magnesium Sterate, Titanium Dioxide, Phenyl Trimethicone, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate, Diisostearyl Malate, Methylparaben, Polyparaben. May Contain: Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines, Manganese Violet, D&C Red No. 6 Ba Lake, FD & C Yellow No.6, FD&C Red 40 A1 Lake, FD&C Yellow 5 A1 Lake, FD&C Blue No.1

Price of Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette

$ 19.99 for 1.58 oz in USA (Morphe’s official website)
£ 24.90 for 45 g in UK (private resellers)
S$ 50.00 for 45 g in Singapore (private resellers)

I bought this palette for $ 25.00 from Morphe’s website in December 2016. However, now the price has been reduced to $ 19.99. I am not sure whether this is a limited edition or permanent addition to Morphe. However, if this is in stock you won’t regret getting this. I mean 19.99 $ for 45 g is the best deal ever. You will see in the detailed review below that this palette indeed is a great value for money.

In Detail Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches and My Experience

The outer packaging of the palette is this hologram gold box which looks absolutely stunning. I wish morphe had the actual palette in a hologram packaging – that would have been awesome! On the back of the palette, Deysi Danger has a message for everyone. I have to say, its a very heart warming message. In 5 lines, she was able to show her years of struggle as an artist and yet the down to earth person she is. If you don’t know who Deysi Danger is, search Instagram. 🙂

The actual palette is a classic black morphe palette. The size of the palette is actually pretty big. I didn’t realise how big this is by its photos on social media. In fact, let me show you how big this is. I will place my iPhone 5 with the palette. So you will realise that its actually almost an inch taller than my phone! Its actually the size of Morphe’s blush palette.

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches Size compared to iPhone 5

At the back, there is a small golden sticker on bottom right side with “DD” written on it. If you didn’t notice below the price title, this palette has 45 g of product which is huge. There are 9 shades in this palette which means each shade is 5 g in quantity

Inside, when you open it, you will notice a plastic sheet sitting on top. Hence, the shades won’t mix in case any one breaks. Also, its always a good idea to not throw away this sheet.

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches Plastic sheet

Individual Shade Description of Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette

The shades in the palette have no name to them. So I’ll be naming them arbitrarily with the help of numbers. This will make it easy for us to talk about the shades.

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches With numbers

1st Shade – A slightly warm cream shade. Perfectly matte. This is going to give you a perfectly bright under eyes if used as an under eye setting powder.

2nd Shade – A proper banana yellow shade. Again a perfect matte shade. If you use banana shades for baking your makeup, this is going to work great!

3rd Shade – A light coloured beige with significant yellow metallic sheen. I wouldn’t exactly say gold but almost yes a perfect light yellow gold.

4th Shade – This almost looks like skin colour in the pan but on the skin, this applies as a beautiful peachy lavender pink duochrome shade. It’s very unique and very beautiful on the skin. This one is not very reflective.

5th Shade – This is again a pink lavender highlighter. The only difference between this one and the 4th shade is that this one is more metallic. This one reflects more duochrome pink and has reflective metallic effect like the 3rd shade.

6th Shade – Now this is more lavender than pink. Again almost a duochrome shade. Super reflective and metallic.

7th Shade – This one is a really pretty yellow gold highlighter shade. It has super metallic reflections. I guess a gold highlight literally suits all skin tones and hence, every brands needs to have a proper blinding gold highlighter shade. This 7th shade fits into this requirement very well and performs excellent on the skin!

8th Shade – This is a peachy champagne gold shade. Very metallic and reflective. This one again I feel will suit almost all skin tones. My duskier skin beauties will enjoy this shade as that perfect blinding highlight!

9th Shade – This is the darkest shade in the palette. Its a proper bronze metallic highlight. Super reflective and glowy. Beauties with skin tone deeper than MAC NC 50 or NW 45 may pull this off as a highlighter. Otherwise you can use this to achieve a glowy bronzed out look. Also, I have tried it as an eyeshadow topper and it looks amazing!

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches All Shades

Please Note: The 3rd shade and the bottom row 7th, 8th and 9th shade have the most blinding effect. The middle row 4th, 5th and 6th shade are lavender pink family and have a duochrome effect rather than a blinding highlight effect.

Texture, Pigmentation, Staying Power

All the shades in the palette feel extremely soft and buttery. Every single shade has excellent pigmentation as well as superb colour pay off. Shades in the middle row have almost a duochrome effect going on. One thing I really want to tell you guys is, you can layer the shades to achieve a more blinding effect or you can just brush a light layer for an everyday subtle glow. Also, you can mix two or more highlight shades to get your own duochrome effect going. There is a shade for everyone in this palette.

There is some small amount of fall out or kick backs in all these shades. However, just make sure to tap the brush slightly to get rid of the extra. Staying power of these highlighters was around 5 hours after which I notice they began to fade slightly. But still very noticeable for about 6-7 hours. I absolutely love how the shades never ever turn patchy.

I normally use a Morphe 510 for my highlights and my brush picks up a good amount of product even on slight swirling. Personally, I have been using the 7th shade topped up with 3rd shade more than any other shades. They basically make you glow from the heavens! In fact, even a sheer brush on the cheeks gives a nice reflective glow.

Overall Verdict

I totally love this palette and I think Morphe & Deysi Danger have done an amazing job bringing out this highlighter palette. It’s not sold out and you can still purchase it from Morphe. Even if you’re a beginner with makeup, this palette will be totally worth trying for you can achieve different degrees of glow from this palette as well as mix and match shades according to your own desire. For Makeup Artists, this palette is a must have because of its versatility. This palette has a highlight for every skin tone there is!

PS. Please head over to my snapchat “asthambf” for a small snap video of these highlighters 🙂

More Photos, Swatches

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches Hologram Front

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches hologram Back

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches packaging

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches Front

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches Back

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches Plastic

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches expose

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches MBF Blog

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches focus

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches all Shades MBF

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches All Shades MBF Blog

PROs of Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette

1. Sleek travel friendly packaging. My palette came all the way from USA to India, it was in perfect condition.
2. You get a serious amount of product for just $20.00.
3. There are 2 matte setting powder shades as well as 7 proper highlight shades.
4. You can go from subtle natural glow to a disco ball glow using this palette.
5. Has 3 lavender pink duochrome shades as well.
6. One of the most amazing affordable highlight palette.
7. Can mix as well as match and layer shades.
8. Will be great for makeup artists as this has a shade for every skin tone.

CONs of Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette

1. Not easily available anywhere in the world except USA.
2. Small amount of fall out while picking up the product on a brush, but you know what just blow on it gently, tap your brush slightly and it will be fine. I mean, its a powder, so its natural it is going to have some fall out.

MBF Advises

1. My first advise is to go grab this palette asap before it goes out of stock!
2. Use a fan brush to get a more natural glow. In fact, I personally love using my Morphe 501 or Morphe 510 for a disco ball glowy effect.
3. It’s very easy to get finger print stains on the morphe packaging. So I use a rubbing alcohol to get rid of those prints.
4. Do not throw away the plastic sheet inside. It helps preventing mixing of shades in case there is some powder left on the surface.

Morphe Deysi Danger Highlight Palette Review, Swatches Closeup HD

MBF Rating


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