MUA Extreme Metallics – “Celebrity” Eye Shadow Palette

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MUA Extreme Metallics – “Celebrity” Eye Shadow Palette

Hi Everyone! How are you all doing?

I got this palette a while back. I first came across MUA through a friend of mine who couldn’t stop talking about it. MUA stands for Make Up Academy, its a UK based cosmetics brand. When I checked it out, it did seem pretty good. It is pretty much affordable and has welcoming reviews.

MUA Extreme Metallics - "Celebrity" Eye Shadow Palette

I got this eye shadow quad because I love metallics! I love metallic eye shadows, shimmers, highlights and everything sparkly!! 😛

MUA Extreme Metallics - "Celebrity" Eye Shadow Palette

So this has these four gorgeous shades.

MUA Extreme Metallics - "Celebrity" Eye Shadow Palette
MUA Extreme Metallics - "Celebrity" Eye Shadow Palette

1. The first shade is this silver one which is extremely shimmery. The shimmers are really fine and it basically has this velvety texture to it. When you wear it, it gives you a very bright look. I love using this as a highlighter!! especially near the lower margin of the brow. It really lifts up your whole look!

2. Second is this frosted pink-peach shadow. When you swatch it, it looks so much similar to the white one except for a hint of extremely light frosted pink colour. It has the same velvety texture and lots of very fine white shimmers in it.

3. Third shade is a really pretty light bronze pigment which I am absolutely in love with. It has a soft velvety texture. There are no separate shimmer particles in this one. This baby is pure metallic! This works really well with so many looks. Because it is not dramatically bronzy, I find myself reaching out to it even for everyday use sometimes. 🙂

4. Last one is a lilac-purple shade. When I look at it, the first thing which comes to my mind is a peacock. Isn’t this blue very similar to that on a peacock? Well, whatever it is, it is a really pretty shade and would look so gorgeous on the lids. It reflects light really well and looks plain metallic!

These eyeshadows can be used wet or dry. Now that’s interesting isn’t it?

I love how pigmented these are. Judging by that, I would say we do get quite a lot of product in there. I am probably gonna finish it after a decade or so looking at the number of eyeshadows I own at present 😛

MUA Extreme Metallics - "Celebrity" Eye Shadow Palette

Also I love the fact that they have mentioned the full list of ingredients at the back of the packaging. The packaging is very compact which makes it so much easier for us to carry it around in our bags.

Overall I feel this is a gorgeous versatile palette. Go ahead, create a purple smokey eyes or a purple smokey eyes. This palette is all that you would need.

MUA Extreme Metallics - "Celebrity" Eye Shadow Palette


MUA Extreme Metallics - "Celebrity" Eye Shadow Palette

The reason why I am specially reviewing this palette is, it is such a good pick for the festive season. You can create a day time as well as a night time look with it. The staying power of the shadows are 5-6 hours, which I think is decent. However to take them completely out, you do need a good make up remover.

MUA Extreme Metallics - "Celebrity" Eye Shadow Palette

I am looking forward to picking the other variety in this concept from MUA, which is called ‘Glammed up’

I hope you enjoyed reading the post. For those of you who are interested, this cost me 699 INR (Rs.) of course, this would be for much lesser price for my friends in UK.

You can purchase MUA products directly from their website 🙂

Signing off for the day, till then, stay beautiful and keep smiling 🙂

Ashu 🙂

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  1. I love metallics eyeshadows too and my favourite color is purple, so if you say they are so pigmented, they are on my wishlist! 😀
    Great review! 🙂


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