Top 5 Websites to Buy Perfumes Online in India

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Top 5 Websites to Buy Perfumes Online in India

buy perfumes in India at low price


There is really one great and special thing about India and Indians; you can get brilliant fakes of any foreign luxury brand. Plus we Indians have the capability of selling even worthless things at unbelievable higher prices.

You go in any brick and mortar stores, and you will end up buying a cheap perfume bottle of 100 ml in somewhere Rs.7000- 8000.

Don’t get surprised, annoyed and feel cheated if something like this happens to you someday.

Instead of scolding yourself, you should appreciate the extraordinary sales talent of those shop owners who are able to sale a product of few hundred rupees in thousand bugs to you! Isn’t it incredible India?

Now your next option can be branded stores but the problem with them is that they charge heavily even more than what is marked on the bottles.

They will do it so smartly that you won’t be even able to find out.

So, if you don’t want to be trapped in these kinds of situations, then it’s better to shop online.

Here I am trying to put Top 5 websites of India, where you can buy perfumes without worrying about the quality and the justified price of it. They go as follows;

It is India’s top most e-commerce beauty portal owned and managed by Falguni Nayar- an investment banker turned business woman. It is passionately trying its best efforts in making every women look beautiful.

In perfumes section you have various categories on Nykaa such as men’s fragrances, luxury fragrances, women fragrances and fragrances for gift purpose. Brands which you can try are Set wet, DKNY, and Denver.

This is also in the list of most recommended online platforms for buying beauty products and perfumes. It has listed numerous international brands of perfumes for both men and women at good rates.

I really got amazed with the running discounts offers on in the perfumes section; Up to 50% off.

It is my favorite place for buying beauty products and perfumes too. You can filter by the brand name and choose any product what you may like. It also gives you an option to search by specific color.

Perfume brands which will passionately make you fall in love with it are York, Crabtree & Evelyn, DKNY, Estee Lauder and Les Escales.

You can get the perfume at discounter rate by using myntra coupons and for more offer and deals on beauty products visit CouponzGuru.

There is no other online company in India who does fairer business than flipkart. So don’t be carried away with some controversial news going about it, in print media and on news channels.

There is an old saying when a person becomes successful, it has lot of enemies. Some of the perfumes brands which deserve mention are Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Carolina Herrera and Elizabeth Arden.

You can select anyone depending upon your choice.

You can also consider Amazon for buying perfumes. It is giving some decent amount of discount on the purchase of perfumes. Also, It has such a vast collection of perfumes on its site that is not possible for me write all.

It can be an excellent Diwali gift. You can pay in cash on delivery.

Apart from entire above website you can also go through leading website ebay and get the perfume at discounted rate by using coupons and save the money while shopping. Happy Shopping!!!

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