Types of Women footwear every woman should own ft. Gift yourself dream footwear on your birthday

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Types of Women footwear every woman should own ft. Gift yourself dream footwear on your birthday

Types of heels every woman should own

Hello ladies, let me tell you all a secret 😀 My Birthday is coming!!! yay!!! 😀 😛

To quote one of my favourite lines by Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” Now, who wouldn’t agree to that? I can never have enough shoes in my closet. From Christian Louboutin to Bata, you will find everything in my collection. But again, Let me make my own quote “A girl can never ever have enough shoes” 😀 😀

So often I have seen ladies and girls struggling with the name of the shoe type. I mean I see them describing how it is and how it looks, they just don’t know the correct name. So here I decided to do a little post and show you guys some of the hottest and most worn styles of women’s footwear, sandals,  ballerinas etc.

1. Classic Pumps

Classic never goes out of style. These are like the basic style essential that you need to have in your collection. To quote Harper’s Bazaar “A basic black pump in suede or leather is the ultimate go-to, they pull together any outfit and add instant sophistication”. A black high pump is definitely what you need for the surprise date! You can wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses, salwaars practically anything. They immediately glam up your entire look.

High heel classic pumps christian louboutin India

classic black heels pumps fashionable india

2. Ankle Strap Sandals

You can have them with a little heel or without, in either way these pretty sandals give a certain umph! to the complete look. They make your legs appear longer and go with almost all kinds of dresses. May I suggest wearing them when your focus of your dress is the skirt or the jeans. They look lovely with dresses too!

Ankle strap Heel Shoes India

ankle strap black heels India

3. Sleek Ankle Boots

A modern wardrobe staple, ankle boots add an edge to the look and go with almost any kind of attire. For me personally, they are a must. I own like 4 of them and trust me, I wish I can grab each and every one of these. Besides being comfortable, they are super glam.

Karl Gore Leather ankle boots India

Sleek ankle boots black india

4. Ballet Flats

A busy girl’s fashion essential, ballet shoes are seen in every girls collection. They are rich in style and go with most outfits if you remember to pair them right. Go for a basic black one or a bright coloured pair, with ballerinas you will never go wrong.

Ballet Flats India

5. Espadrilles

Going for a little trip, trust me these babies are going to be your best friends. Comfortable and stylish they are often made with soft material which ensures your feet don’t feel tired how much ever you may walk or run. They are chic, fashionable, easy to slip in and out specially at the airports. They are a must have in a summer shoe collection.

espadrilles india

espadrilles Shoes india

6. Short Stacked Heels and Kitten Heels

These shoes were pretty famous in the 80s and 90s. They are being brought back to us by the fashion industry because of the unmatchable duo of style and comfort. They give a little bit of height and a lot of grace with comfort. Worn mostly at work, these are available in a variety of designs and material. Choose the best one for you!

short stacked heels india

Kitten heels india

7. Platform Wedges

Now when you want to get that height in your look and are not okay with wearing a high pump or a stiletto, you need these! These are a total bomb dot com when worn right. If you are someone who is not very used to wearing high heels, start with wedges!

platform wedges black style shoes india

8. Casual Sneakers

What we popularly call “Canvas Shoes” are actually called as sneakers. A perfect pair of sneaker either in solid colour or prints is a definite must have in your wardrobe. Pair it with shorts, jeans or may be a dress. Great for everyday wear as well as casual wear.

casual sneakers style fashion shoes india

9. Flat Sandals

Summers cannot go without those perfect flat sandals which are of course like flip flops but much fashionable. They come in so many different designs and styles that I can hardly count. When it comes to flats, go for bright colours. These days they have metal designs on flat sandals which look very classy. Have you tried those out yet?

Cute flat sandals india

Cute flat sandals Fashion India

10. Tall Boots

A simply gorgeous pair of tall boots can make you go from 🙁 to 🙂 . These go with practically any kind of outfits. They keep your feet warm and legs stylish. I would suggest you guys to have at least two pairs, one in black and the other in brown. Pair it with your jeans, tuck it in or out, bothways they are completely amazing. Of course, you need to have one of these pairs with heels! 😉

Tall buckle boots india

11. Open Toe or Peep Toe

These sandals are life savers in summers. While pumps usually keep our toes covered, these have a small little window through which our toes peep outside. They are comfortable and classy. They can be worn in summer and your feet won’t sweat. Wear them in heels or without, they are a total must have in your collection.

cute peep toes style fashion shoes india

peep toes india

12. Gladiator

You have seen those sandals with so many straps around. Looks total bomb but we all call them sandals with lots of straps. Now you know they are actually called gladiators. The straps can stay till the ankle or go upto knee length, they sure add so much style to the look. Specially the ones with high straps go with skirts and dresses.

Gladiator shoes heels summer india

Gladiator heels shoes style india

So, now that you guys do know about all the hot and trendy footwears for women be it sandals, ballerinas etc; let me know which one are you going to pick next? Which one do you want to give yourself as your Birthday present, or may be an “un”birthday present (Watch Alice in wonderland if you want to know what an unbirthday is 😛 )

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