Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist Review

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Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist Review: Hey guys, let’s talk about a relatively new fragrance by Bath & Body Works – Dahlia. This was first released in the United States around 2020 and its still gaining popularity everywhere. If you have read some of my previous blogs, you probably know I am not much of a floral person. I got this because I was purchasing a bunch of gift items for family members.

Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist Review

Obviously, I decided to keep it for myself after smelling it for the very first time. Let me tell you all about it below.

About Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist

Beautiful. Bright. Feminine. Experience the warmth of summer & the coziness of fall with our Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist. Whether you lavishly splash or lightly spritz, you’ll fall in love at first mist. Our carefully crafted bottle & sophisticated pump delivers great coverage while the dermatologist-tested, conditioning aloe mist with essential oils nourishes skin for the lightest, most refreshing way to fragrance!

Fragrance notes – A beautiful blend of dahlia petals, crisp pear & praline.

How to Use Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist

Use the mist on your pulse points (basically the warmer parts of your body: wrists, neck, elbows, etc.) right after a shower or anytime you need a boost. If you want to keep your routine fragrant all the way through, start with a matching shower gel and body lotion, then spritz the fine fragrance mist as your very last step.

Price of Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist Review

$17.50 for 8 oz in USA
CA$ $16.50 for 236 mL in Canada
£24.00 for 236 mL in UK
₹1699.00 for 236 mL in India
RM 95.00 for 236 mL in Malaysia

Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist Review details

In Detail Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist Review and My Experience

The Dahlia mist by Bath & Body Works comes in a transparent bottle, pretty standard packaging for Bath & Body Works fine fragrance mists. The liquid inside has this absolutely gorgeous golden hue which matches the golden label and top. BBW nailed it with the packaging theme on this one.

I am someone who’s never into floral scents. This one is literally named after a flower. So the only reason I actually got it was for someone else to begin with. But then, that person ended up with something else. When I first smelled it, I was totally mesmerised. I mean, this is supposed to be everything I do not like – I was thinking this would be floral, sweet, fruity!

Bath and Body Works describes the scent as A beautiful blend of dahlia petals, crisp pear & praline. When I first spray it on, I get this absolutely beautiful sweet smell. Its still fruity sweet but in a very sophisticated, lady like way. Its nothing like the cheap sweet smelling fragrances. The sweetness here is actually very feminine with a touch of nuttiness. I never imagined, a sweet fruity smelling fragrance can smell this could.

Another unique thing about the smell is the fact that is doesn’t change much over the period of wear time. Like you know how most scents evolve little by little when you wear them, and sometimes they may or may not turn out to be a better version of themselves? Well you can somewhat avoid that confusion with this one.

This one starts off as a really sweet floral scent, and then the nutty praline takes the centre stage. The sweetness lingers on but never seems overpowering. The essence of the scent stays the same throughout.

Well if you are into florals, and sweet scents, there are full chances that you’d be into this one. But if you’re not into such scents, trust me, this one can turn out to be an exception like it did to me. I feel like for me this is a perfect “wear to work” kind of a smell. Its not overpowering, its present and makes you smell great but never seems strong. Even if you have people that don’t like florals, trust me, they wouldn’t mind this one.

It has a decent staying power. It stays for around 3-4 hours which is pretty good for a fragrance mist. Of course as you wear it, it mellows down significantly, but never really loses its charm for sure.

I feel this is a fresh new additional to the floral scents by Bath & Body Works which I feel like would be loved by most fragrance enthusiasts. If you have tried it on, please do not forget to tell me about your experience with it in the comments below.

Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist Review MBF

PROs of Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist

  1. Beautiful sweet-nutty scent.
  2. Perfect for day time wear.
  3. Different from mainstream floral-fruity scents because its well balanced and none of the notes overpower one another.
  4. Lasting power is decent.

CONs of Bath & Body Works Dahlia Fine Fragrance Mist

  1. Expensive outside USA
  2. BBW does not offer great deals on its products outside USA. Even the return policies outside USA are not impressive.

MBF Advises

  1. If you’re extremely particular about fragrances, always try them in stores.
  2. If you do not have a store near you, then it is always a good idea to read a bunch of reviews on different blogs.
  3. Purchase smaller sized products when you’re buying for the first time.

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