Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum Review

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Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum Review: Hello. Hope everyone is happy and healthy. I was reading a novel in which the narrator was talking about his girlfriend’s signature fragrance – Calvin Klein Eternity and it got stuck. I was in college that time and had that phase going where I wanted a tone of fragrances but somehow, I didn’t buy it.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum Review MBF

After a couple of years my sister was coming back from Dubai and she remembered that I wanted this fragrance and she then bought it for me. I had never tried or tested it before so it was a 50-50 chance.

Claims for Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum

Iconic hues of the 90’s with modern redolence, Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum emanates a rich feminine fragrance that remains every woman’s favourite. With fresh citrus and green top notes, violet lily-of-the-valley and peppery accords middle notes and powdery heliotrope, pink sandalwood and transparent musky base notes, it snares you in layers of mystery.

Perfume/Fragrance Notes:

Luxurious. romantic. timeless. inspired by a simple band of diamonds and the ideal of lasting love and intimacy, the floral scent is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary style.
top notes: freesia, mandarin, sage
mid notes: muguet, white lily, marigold, narcissus
end notes: patchouli, sandalwood, amber

Ingredients in Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum

Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum Review Ingredients

Price of Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum

$92.00 for 3.3 oz in USA
₹5350 for 100 ml in India

In Detail Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum Review and My Experience

We all know it’s been an iconic fragrance for decades now. Launched in 1988 it has been recognized by Fragrance hall of fame. It indeed is a remarkable fragrance. There are quite a few variants of Eternity, the one I have is eternity for women edp.

Let’s start talking about the packing first. It comes in a classic white rectangular carboard box with the brand name, product name and other details all printed in white. It’s a simple white and black packing. Can it be any more of a classic packing?

The bottle is made of a thick transparent glass with a silver nozzle cap. It a basic spritz perfume. It is a rectangular bottle. The nozzle or the atomizer looks very sturdy and is made with the thought that the fragrance lasts with you for years without leaking or evaporating or losing its qualities.

I find the packing extremely practical and perfect. Bottles this shape give you a better grip, easy to put in a bag, don’t take up too much space, can adjust in any kind of bag.

The other day, I dropped a fragrance bottle which was a simple round cylindrical one, I am pretty sure it happens with a lot of people. round bottles or the ones which are in a goblet form looks very pretty and classy on top if your dresser but when you have to travel with it or if you aren’t very careful with it you end up breaking it.

I only travel with fragrances with are small, made of very thick glass, doesn’t leak or evaporate or transfer onto things, and gives me a decent grip. Hence this is a permanent whenever I am travelling.

Its quite a strong fragrance and might hit the nose for some people. The first time I opened the bottle I was surprised as I wasn’t used to such strong perfumes, I had a really bad feeling about this, still spritz a bit of it and stepped out and realized after a few minutes it has settles down into a fresh calm fragrance which give you the soothing feeling and doesn’t pinch your senses at all.

That is when I realized that it needed 10-15 mins to settle on your skin, one of the best things is that combines with your natural scent and give you a different and unique result.

It’s a floral spicy musky fragrance. its not the sweet floral one but with a hind of spiciness to it. The musk isn’t very prominent but you can smell a hint of it, you’ll know it’s there, it feels a bit green, like a fresh fragrance from a garden combined with spices. it’s crisp, soft, musky, green, floral fresh fragrance that lingers on and leaves a trail of scent behind.

It’s the kind of fragrance that leaves a memory behind, like my brother recognizes this and whenever I wear this, he always says that it reminds him of a trip we took 2 years ago. It leaves a mark on your memory. People ask which fragrance are you wearing, It’s that perfume.

I am a huge fan of this and used to wear it every day when I first got it but I cannot wear it daily anymore, it’s a bit strong and I like changing my fragrance from day to night and this one stays on me like forever. I don’t even remember if it ever faded. It is extremely extremely long lasting, if you forget to put your shirt in the laundry for a couple of days you would still know this was the one you had put on. It’s that long lasting.

It doesn’t feel like a 90s fragrance but very modern. If you are a perfume lover, it’s a must try once in your lifetime.

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Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum Review Blog MBF
Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum Review MBF Blog

Pros of Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum

  1. Longevity, Stays for a very long time.
  2. Decent sillage
  3. Leaves no spot
  4. Practical sturdy packing
  5. Travel friendly
  6. Can be purchased easily
  7. Floral musky fragrance
  8. Calming and soothing fragrance

Cons of Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum

  1. Pricier side
  2. Lots of fakes out there in the market
  3. Strong fragrance, might be a bit much for some people

MBF Advises

If you are into earthy floral musky and really strong scents, give this a try, it’s not just any fragrance, It’s the luxurious one which might end up being your favourite.

If you are not a strong fragrance kind, this isn’t for you, but if you are as intrigued by it as I was go to a store and try on the tester , leave it for half an hour and then make a choice , it need a good 10-15 mins just to settle , don’t get hasty with this one.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Eau De Parfum Review

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