Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review

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Hello ladies!! A Little Black Dress is a classic must-have in every chic woman’s wardrobe. This is also true for the classic perfume from Avon which is also called Little Black Dress – you can never grow tired of it! While Little Black Dress was launched in 2001, it is such an everlasting perfume that more women need to know about it. Little Black Dress has a complete range of personal care products – this means you can actually layer the fragrance by using of shower gel, skin softener, body talc, body spray and finally the perfume. All women who want an affordable perfume for daily use must have this range…And here is why…Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review

Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review

Claims for Avon Little Black Dress EDP

Avon claims that Little Black Dress is a feminine and sensual floral-woody fragrance with a diverse alchemy of luxurious and sophisticated notes. Little Black Dress is like that outfit that every woman must have in her wardrobe.

Benefits of Avon Little Black Dress EDP

The light fragrance makes it an ideal perfume to use for people who don’t like powerful and really strong and heady scents.

Ingredients of Avon Little Black Dress EDP

Alcohol Denat, Perfume, Aqua, Alpha – isomethyl, Ionone, Butyl Methoxidibenzoyl, Methane, Ethylhexyl, Methoxycinnamate, HydroxyIsohexyl, 3-cyclohexene, Carboxaldehyde, Ethylhexyl, Salicylate, Isoeugenol, Citronellol, Limonene, Citric acid, Geraniol, Eugenol, Linalool, Benzyl alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Cl 14700 (Red 4), Cl 19140 (Yellow 5), Cl 42090 (Blue 1)

How to Use Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum

Hold bottle 15 cms away and spray lavishly.

Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review mbf blog

Price of Little Black Dress EDP:

$ 25.00 for 1.7 fl. oz in the USA.
£ 13.00 for 50 mL in the UK
₹ 1499.00 for 50 mL in India.

In Detail Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review and My Experience

Little Black Dress by Avon is an oriental fragrance for women. This is definitely one of the cleanest and least confusing fragrances I have ever worn. It actually smells fresh and basic and is yet so sophisticated. I wear this to work, to a luncheon with friends or even for a party! The fact that there are so many facets to Little Black Dress means it is a multitasker and appropriate for all occasions. Even for those who are not particularly fond of perfumes, this is THE perfume to have.

It is a light and yet long-lasting and gorgeous scent. It is classy and lightweight at the same time. The fact that it is also woody and not just sweet makes it feel much more grown up – and not a fragrance that teeny boppers would use. Even when it is fading (after a few hours), the muskiness is the last thing to slowly dissipate. Overall, the Little Black Dress is a nice, warm and sophisticated aroma. I have been buying this for almost a decade, and so it is evident that I love it.

The smell of this perfume is like that of a mysterious oriental flower. Like Opium – but not so strong. There are distinct layers of honeysuckle, jasmine, sandalwood and cashmere musk.

As with most Avon perfumes, the staying power is not particularly great with Little Black Dress. It lasts longer than most other perfumes from the Avon stable, staying for around 4-5 hours on my skin before I needed to apply it again, but if you didn’t reapply, the scent would not be gone completely – a faint aroma would definitely be around. The elegant and yet sweet fragrance also has very good sillage. It is simple and yet chic and no-fuss.

Composition of Little Black Dress EDP

Top Notes: Top notes are cyclamen, coriander, African ginger, jasmine and apricot blossom

Middle Notes: gardenia, ylang-ylang and pink peony

Base notes: sandalwood, Tonka bean, musk and Japanese plum

Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review EDP perfume

How I Use it

I use this along with the shower gel and skin softener – so the perfume is layered – and therefore lasts longer. In fact, it is my signature daily scent 🙂

Effects of Little Black Dress EDP

For the price, it’s a very good buy and I can recommend this fragrance as being one that you can buy for daily use. We often shy away from using expensive perfumes on a daily basis, but this is a fragrance that can be used liberally every day because it won’t burn a hole in your pocket – and the best part, it does smell classy and expensive, and only you know the secret, don’t you?!

Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review perfume

Pros of Avon Little Black Dress EDP

  1. Suitable for use at anytime of the day.
  2. Feminine and sensually romantic scent.
  3. Extremely affordable.
  4. Moderately long lasting.
  5. Smells classy.
  6. All-weather fragrance.

Cons of Avon Little Black Dress EDP

  1. Could have been more long-lasting, considering it smells so divine!
  2. Not very easily available.

Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Review focus

MBF Advises

  1. Use the whole range in combination to make the fragrance last longer.
  2. Spray the parfum right after moisturizing your skin with the Little Black Dress body lotion so it stays on even longer.

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    • You must, Astha! It is really good – though the earlier packaging was better and the perfume longer lasting – but this works too – esp for the price!

  1. The name of the perfume makes it sound so classy and the pictures look quite glam too! The price makes me want to go buy it immediately..

  2. I have a question as you did not comment in your review about how the new edition compares to the Original Little Black dress Eau de Parfum, differs from the new edition of Little Black Dress more recently offered by Avon. I am looking forward to you addressing this question.


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