Fab Bag August 2014

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Hi everyone,  I just got my Fab Bag August 2014 in my mail and I could not wait to show you guys. I had already posted a picture on my Facebook page. This is the month of Independence and Fab Bag came up with this awesome idea which in my mind goes something like – this Independence, freedom from all chemicals 😀 of course they have named the theme as All Natural, All Fab. There are basically all natural products in this month’s Fab Bag and they get a huge thumbs up from MBF for the same! There are make up and skin care goodies, a mix of both which I think is an absolutely amazing idea.

Fab Bag August 2014

The August Fab Bag is Saffron – orange in colour which I guess is a tribute to the independence month of the Nation. I am also loving this months bag because of the amazing texture it has. It has this soft snake skin leather texture which I think is a total hit. This is sure going in my hand bag 😀 The little metallic Fab Bag plate does complete justice to the simple yet chic look.

Fab Bag August 2014

Without going on further with my non stop rambles, I will take you guys through the products I got in my Fab Bag August 2014

1. Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Revive and Thrive Shower Gel
Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Fabulous Fix Body Lotion

I have used a kronokare body lotion before which of course I am yet to review on MBF, I was quite happy with it and I am sure I am going to love this one. This brand is a all natural skin care brand and I love that the samples are decent sized samples. I really like the fact that they actually gave a shower gel as well as the pairing body lotion. It helps layer up the product scent as well gives you a complete opinion about a particular range from a brand.

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel and Body LotionKronokare Caribbean Ginger revive and thrive shower gel and fabulous fix body lotion

2. NYX Eye / Eyebrow Pencil in the shade 907 Lagon

This is a full sized eye pencil in here. NYX is a pretty famous make up brand which has some really amazing make up products. I was quite surprised to read about the fact that NYX was taken over by L’Oreal. Well, someday I am going to sit down and make a count of all the brands which are owned by L’Oreal. 😀 Anyways, coming back to the product, I am quite happy with this. Blue eyeliners are quite in trend these days and it was very thoughtful of them to include one in this month’s Fab bag.

NYX eye eyebrow pencil lagonNYX eye eyebrow pencil shade 907

3. Nyassa Hand Cream Southern Spice

I have been eyeing Nyassa Hand creams since their recent launch. Nyassa actually came up with a lot of new products recently. Its always nice to have an all natural brand hand cream in your hand bag. Hand creams are such an important part of my life, I actually am going to show you guys the number of hand creams I own someday 😀

Nyassa hand cream southern spice shea butter

4. Palladio Herbal Lengthening Mascara – Black

I finally received a Palladio product in my bag, yay! I am very excited to try out this brand. It is always nice to have makeup which are all natural and free of chemicals. A mascara is always a wise choice to gift a woman, as it is rightly said, one can never have enough mascaras 🙂 The wand is really interesting here, plus there is a separator. I am really looking forward to using this baby.

Palladio Herbal mascarapalladio herbal lengthening mascarapalladio herbal lengthening mascara black

5. Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow

This was a freebie in the August Fab Bag. I am going to give this another shot! Many of you guys must have received it in your Velvette bag many months ago. I actually like how they send such freebies every month. I mean its nice to get an extra sample to try. 🙂 Meiji is quite a hit among some people and this time I am going to religiously do as it says and update you guys if it really worked on me 🙂

meiji amino collagen skin glow

Those were all the products I got in my August Fab Bag 2014. This is one of the best Fab Bags so far! I am loving it 🙂 There are some great brands, amazing products and their product sizes are awesome. With two full sized products this time, August bag is a total hit!

fab bag august 2014 contents

fab bag august 14

I would love to know what you guys got in your Fab Bag, share with me in the comments below 🙂 What do you feel about the products this time? Do you like the bag?

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  1. Astha, I am, so glad you love this bag, you got some real good stuff.I have tried both the kronokare products, quite nice. 🙂

  2. Wow cute and simple bag…
    My mom like to buy this type of bag…
    Where can i buy this product????
    Thanks for your sharing………

  3. I would like to buy a mascara of Palladio Herbal Lengthening Mascara – Black. Where can I buy a mascara in Oregon near Roseburg. Please reply this to me. Thanks!


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