Fab Bag September 2014 – 2nd Anniversary Special

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Hi everyone!
As promised on my Facebook Page, I am here with my Fab Bag September 2014 – 2nd Anniversary Special. I know you guys have been waiting for this because it is talked about so much. I just got this in my mail today and I was so very excited when I came home. I have also been waiting for another order which was supposed to come today but I guess I will have to wait a little longer 😀

Fab Bag September 2014

They have a very nice Animal Print pattern bag this month. Who does not like animal prints. I have been secretly wishing to buy myself a nice animal print dress since ages but everytime I come across one, it doesn’t zing!! I mean I go by my zing when I select stuff, do you? 😀 This bag marks their second anniversary. The beauty subscription box started off as the Velvette box and changed to  The Fab Bag last year. Fab Bag is one of the very first Indian beauty subscription boxes and are super famous among Indian fashinistas! A must have in every girl’s life, they make us wait for “that time of the month” 😀

September Fab Bag 2014

I like how they have been transitioning more towards natural products. In the past few months they have sent some great products from organic brands and they get a big thumbs up from MBF for the same. Let us dig in and find out what they packed into this cute little animal print bag for the month of september.

2nd Anniversary Special Fab Bag September 2014

1. Bellapierre Mineral Foundation – Maple

This brand is newly seen in India. Mineral foundations have been amazing for some beauties who swear by them. I am excited to try this out. The product has a list of ingredients mentioned at the back which gives them an extra +1 from my side. The product has spf 15 in it, quite low actually according to Indian standards but at least it has some amount of sun protection !

Bellapierre Mineral Foundation in Fab Bag september 2014Bellapierre Mineral Foundation in fab bag sept 2014Bellapierre Mineral Foundation MF006 Maple in fab bag september 2014

2. Skin Yoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask

Skin Yoda is another of relatively newly launched brands in the Indian market. They have some really nice skin care products. Sandalwood and saffron are both super nice ingredients for the skin and I have high hopes from this one. The sample size looks quite decent and I can’t stop adoring the cute bottle with the cork on top!

Skin Yoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask in September Fab Bag 2014

3. Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle with a Nail Clipper as gift

I have heard people rave about this thing. This is a creepy co incidence but I was actually eyeing this product yesterday while shopping online but they had run out of stock. I am delighted to get this product in my bag. I hope this works for me as it did for so many other beauties. 13.3 ml looks like a full sized amount, correct me if I am wrong. The nail clipper sure will come handy.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle with Gift Nail Clipper in September Fab Bag 2014

4. FAB POST Magazine and Trendy Printed Scarf

The little magazine has an overview of their journey in these couple of years. The brands they have associated with, popular products, a fabscarfie contest where you need to accessorize with the new scarf and share it to win goodies and a little bit of everything over the past 2 years. The scarf which came to me was rather okay.

Fab Post Magazine September Fab Bag 2014scarf with Fab Bag September 2014 India

So I hope you enjoyed going through the contents of my Fab Bag September 2014 – 2nd Anniversary Special. I would love to know what do you guys think about it. Also tell me what you guys got in your bags 🙂

PS. Please do not copy my images or remove the watermark from my images without my permission

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