My Envy Box June 2014

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Hello my lovely viewers,

It is that time of the month again when the mailman brings in all the beauty boxes. The heart beat goes up by 10 as we take in our hands and by a further of 10 as we open it. I received My Envy Box June 2014 today morning as I updated on the blog Facebook page. I love trying new brands and these guys have been by fa doing an amazing job of bringing some of the most awesome brands to India.

My Envy Box June 2014

This month’s box has this nice calm lavender shade which I absolutely love (PS I naturally tend to claim everything that is Pink of Purple πŸ˜› ). The contents inside the box were packed into this nice little bag, I guess just for added protection. The cloth cover looks nothing fancy though.

I will stop my non stop ramblings here and go ahead show you guys what I actually got in My Envy Box June 2014.

1. Nina Ricci La Tentation De Nina

omg omg!! I am a crazy sucker for fragrances and I have wanted to try Nina Ricci for so very long now. I am super excited that I got this!!

My Envy Box June 2014 Ninna Ricci


My Envy Box June 2014 ninna ricci perfume

2. Skin Yoga Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub

ok ladies, moment of truth, I was posted in a rural areas last month and well I haven’t been able to take care of a lot of things. I desperately needed a foot spa and well well look who we have here πŸ˜€ I am super happy!! The quantity of the product is quite decent here however I would have loved it in a different packaging. Black looks cute though!

My Envy Box June 2014 skin yoga scrub

3. Kronokare Provencal Lavender Body Lotion

A lavender product in a lavender coloured box!! (forgive me I am hyper right now!). I have never heard of this brand before. They claim to be all natural and really good for the skin. We will see about that Mr.Kronokare. However I should admit I am rather happy with your kind presence in my envy box this month.

My Envy Box June 2014 kronkare body lotion

4. Innisfree Eco Nail Color Pro

Fact No. 999, I am crazy for nail paints. These guys are an eco friendly brand. I love the colour that I got in my box. It is a nice light candy pink shade. I am sure gonna love this baby!! Welcome to the nail polish house sweety!!

My Envy Box June 2014 innisfree nail paint


My Envy Box June 2014 innisfree nail

5. Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator

Thalgo Thalgo, why do you always come in such tiny amounts. I dont even feel like using such tiny products. But well I guess I will be able to squeeze out product worth 2-3 times of usage. However I am no sure if I will actually go and repurchase a full size of this bad boy, too many exfoliators in my cabinet right now!

My Envy Box June 2014 thalgo


My Envy Box June 2014 thalgo exfoliator

So I hope you enjoyed reading what I got in my june envy box 2014. I am very happy with the box this month and I hope they continue the good work and stick to their promise. I would love to know what you got in your Envy Box, kindle leave a comment and let me know πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “My Envy Box June 2014”

  1. That shade of the nail paint looks amazing, though its still in bottle but m sure its a cool shade!
    Lovely stuff! πŸ™‚

  2. The polishes are so very prettyie! I am loving the Envy Boxes…They are sending across some great stuff! πŸ™‚

  3. I absolutely loved your clicks, beautiful Ashu πŸ™‚ I got the same stuff, although a different shade of nail paint.


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