Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review

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Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review

BB creams have replaced other moisturisers for working girls. We already have some amazing BB creams in the market. So Fair & Lovely which was previously involved with only fairness creams has now come up with BB cream. Lets find out if it stands in competition with other BB creams in the market.

About Fair and Lovely BB Cream

The new Fair and Lovely BB Cream brings the expertise and magic of foundation and multivitamin fairness cream in a single tube. The BB cream succeeds in coverage of spots and blemishes for a matte and even skin tone. For an instant make-up finish and fairer skin tone, this handy tube is a perfect buy.

  • Instant fair look with a make-up finish
  • Coverage of spots and blemishes for a radiant, even skin tone
  • Matte, non-oily finish

Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review 2


Rs 79 for 18 g
Rs 49 for 9 g

Shelf life

24 months

Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review MBF India

In Detail Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review and My Experience

The product comes in a tube packaging with a long necked nozzle top to dispense the BB cream. The packaging is secure which makes it travel friendly. Because of the nozzle, it becomes quite easy to take the product on your hand or brush and it avoids product accumulation along the sides of the mouth of the tube.

Fair & Lovely BB cream has a very noticeable smell which very much resembles its fairness creams. The consistency of the cream is quite dense and thick I would say, as compared to other BB creams. It feels creamy though. If you have a look at the swatch pictures, you will get an idea of what I am talking about.

Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review India

How I Use it

I take half a pea sized amount and work it on my facial skin. I have combination skin and I feel this needs quite a labour to blend properly. If you notice the swatch number 3, it depicts how it basically looks initially. Only after blending properly does it look nice.

Fair and Lovely BB Cream Swatches Picture

What I like about this BB cream is that it gives a nice matte look after blending and keeps the skin matte for over 2-3 hours. It hides mild spots and blemishes. Gives a nice even look on the face but somehow it does not look natural. Now, I will tell you why I am not at all impressed with this BB cream. First, as I mentioned before, it needs a lot of time to blend. Secondly it kind of sits on the skin and does not give that light feeling. Third, this comes in a single shade which is basically a nude shade with slightest yellow undertones. It has an SPF of 15 which is obviously not enough. When I am in sun, this cream actually kind of melts and trust me, you don’t want to use a tissue in that situation when other people are around. On tissue, this comes right off!

PROs of Fair and Lovely BB Cream

1. Travel friendly and hygienic packaging.
2. Hides minor blemishes and spots.
3. Gives an even finish on the face.
4. Inexpensive.
5. Easily available.

CONs of Fair and Lovely BB Cream

1. Comes in a single shade. So you will have to be lucky if this shade matches your skin tone.
2. SPF 15 is as good as nothing in this heat.
3. Feels heavy on the skin.
4. Does not give a natural finish. It is even, but looks made up/artificial.
5. Melts (may be this won’t be a con in another weather)
6. Not for dry skin beauties as this is not hydrating.
7. Oily skin beauties will need to be careful as this melts in hot weather.
8. Needs a lot of time to blend properly.
9. Ingredient list is full of chemicals.
10. Personally, I hate such strong artificial fragrances in skin care/makeup products because that means unnecessary harmful chemicals.

Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review 3

MBF Advices

1. If you really want to try this cream, don’t go out in the sun when you have it on. It melts bad!
2. Needs a lot of blending otherwise can make the skin look patchy and dry.
3. If you are wearing this, make sure to put on extra SPF as SPF 15 is never enough for any weather.
4. If you have dry skin, make sure to use a moisturiser underneath.

Do I recommend this?

I would not recommend this to beauties with dry skin or beauties with very oily skin. Overall if you read the complete review, this cream failed to impress me and that’s why I would not recommend my friends to go for this cream. It does hide blemishes and makes the skin look slightly white, but that looks completely artificial on the skin unless your skin tone is very pale. So in a nutshell, you can try this at your own risk.

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