The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review

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The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review

The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review

Product Description

Gives you lustrous ,glossy and strong nourished hair.

Get lustrous, luxurious hair with Nori Shampoo. Derived from red algae it is deeply effective in revitalizing and enriching you hair. This shampoo has elastin and minerals that will restore your hair to its glossy, strong, nourished best. Apply a small amount and gently massage into the hair and scalp area. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary. For best results, follow with Nori Conditioner. Because it is natural and gentle, it may be used daily.

The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review


Nori extract, Pro-Vitamin B5, Apple cedar vinegar, Aloe Vera extract.

The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review


MRP Rs. 795/- for a 250 ml bottle

In Detail The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review

The pretty green colour captured all my attention when I saw it the first time. The SA went on and on explaining to me what it does. I was super happy when I heard this is meant for dry hair type because my hair has been more on the drier side lately. Another reason was that this is a natural product, I mean what are the chances of going wrong with something natural?

So this comes in a very pretty tall squarish transparent bottle with a flip open top. All TNC bottles have this design and I find it really unique and pretty. The bottles can actually be recycled and you can also return the bottles to any TNC store. They offer certain amount of discount on your purchase when you return 2-3 bottles, isn’t that super awesome!

The Nori hair cleanser belongs to their Aquaspark range which uses the ingredients from the aquatic ecosystem in the products. As the name suggests, this product actually has a sea weed in it. Sea weed is actually amazing for your skin and hair. It is full of nutrition and a very good whole food ingredient. According to “Nutrition Reviews,” seaweeds have higher levels of minerals such as calcium than terrestrial vegetation and contain essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. Seaweeds get proper direct sunlight, this makes them super rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A, B, C and E. The protective pigments are high as compared to the terrestrial ecosystems. The sea weed NORI is specially known for its higher protein content. Jacqueline Renfrow, author of “Health Solutions From the Sea,” has mentioned that the alginates in seaweeds have detoxifying agents which are helpful in eliminating toxins and heavy metals.

The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review

This is the reason I was super excited to use the Nori Hair cleanser. The consistency of the cleanser/shampoo is moderately thick, not very runny. It has a very clean and fresh scent to it. It is more like a herbal fresh smell. You need normal amount of product for your hair. I have used it on oiled as well as non oiled hair. On oiled hair, this needs to be applied twice before it can efficiently remove all the stickiness from your hair. On un oiled hair, single application is enough. It lathers amazingly and makes me wonder why do people use SLS if such nice lather can be made without them, thumbs up to TNC for that!

I find that this makes my hair quite soft and does not dry them out even if I have skipped oiling before cleansing my hair. Yes even though it is a natural cleanser, it cleans my hair very nicely. It sort of makes my hair very light. It also controls frizz to a certain extent. This leaves a mild fresh smell in the hair after washing which I really like.

Overall I find this is a great product for dry hair types and indeed worth trying because its all natural and has rare ingredients like sea weed Nori in it. I have enjoyed using this baby pretty much.

Pros of The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser

1. Lovely packaging plus the bottle is recyclable.
2. All natural product
3. Contains the goodness of rare ingredients like Nori Sea weed
4. Contains apple cider vinegar which has numerous benefits for hair
5. Cleans the hair effectively without overdrying them
6. Makes my hair soft and imparts a little shine.
7. Controls frizz to an extent
8. The Nature’s Co products are not tested on animals
9. Easily available

Cons of The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser

1. I wish they mentioned in detail the natural preservatives which is mentioned on the label.

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