Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Control Conditioner Review

Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Control Conditioner Review
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Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Control Conditioner Review

Hello again everyone at MBF, if you have read my review on the Tresemme Hair Fall Defence Control Shampoo, you know I was going to review the conditioner from this same range soon. So here is my experience with the Tresemme Hair fall defense control conditioner.

About Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Control Conditioner

This product helps reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage. For longer and stronger hair, detangled to make it more manageable.

How It Works:

  • This hair fall defense conditioner helps to reduce breakage to give you longer & stronger hair
  • It targets your most damaged areas to strengthen and help restore your hair
  • Lightweight formula evenly conditions & detangles distressed hair
  • Leaves your hair stronger & more manageable
  • It is gentle enough for daily use
  • Suitable for all hair types

How To Use:

  • Apply shampooing, apply an adequate amount from the mid lengths to the ends.
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • For optimum results use the TRESemmé Hair Fall Defense range. Style using your favorite TRESemmé styling products.


64 Rs for a 100 ml bottle and 135 Rs for a 215 ml bottle.


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Shelf Life

24 months

In Detail Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Control Conditioner Review

I was having severe hair fall and I wanted to try everything I can. I just wanted my hairfall to stop. I had heard some people talking good things about the tresemme range of hair products and this was the reason I picked up their shampoo and conditioner from the Hair fall defence control range which was meant for girls like me.

The conditioner comes in a white opaque bottle packaging unlike the shampoo which has a black coloured packaging. The tip top cap I find way better than flip top caps. The consistency of this conditioner is a little bit on the thicker side. It has a fruity-flowery fragrance which is similar to the shampoo but more noticeable in the conditioner. I need approximately a palm full of this conditioner to work in my hair which is around 4 inches below my shoulders.

The conditioner is very easy to apply in the shower after shampooing the hair. It spreads on the hair like a dream unlike certain other conditioners which need so much effort to work with. After applying, I let this stay in my hair for around 5-10 minutes after which I wash it off with plain water.

This conditioner detangles my hair so much better than a lot of other expensive conditioners. It makes my hair so soft and bouncy. It does not make my hair feel heavy and does not give me that feeling of product build up on my hair. Overtime I feel this definitely has become one of my favourite conditioners. Considering that Tresemme is a salon brand, the product at this price is almost a steal to be honest.

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Pros of Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Control Conditioner

1. Nice and convenient packaging
2. Love the smell
3. Very easy to apply on the hair
4. Detangles my hair so well
5. Makes hair smooth and soft
6. Adds a little bit of bounce to the hair
7. Pocket friendly

Cons of Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Control Conditioner

1. Long list of ingredients with alcohol

MBF Advices

1. If you struggle with rough hair, I would recommend you to try this out
2. Can be used by all hair types
3. Do not apply the conditioner on hair roots, only work them in the lengths of your hair
4. Don’t pull your hair a lot while the hair is wet after conditioning

Will I Repurchase this?

Of course I will, I have been loving this conditioner.

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