Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review

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I spotted this product sitting in a row with some other facial sprays and I decided to pick it. You know me, I need to pick it all, like always 😀 It looks cute covered in that soft pink coat, I thought why not try it for myself.

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review mbf India

About Nufeel Facial Spray for Women

Nufeel Facial spray cleanses, moisturises and refreshes the skin in a completely new way. It increases your skin hydration and soothes the skin.

Directions for use

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review 2


Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review 4

Shelf Life

18 months


Rs 140/- for 60 ml product in the bottle.

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review 5

In Detail Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review and My Experience

So this product sounded more like an alternative to rose water by what it said on the labels. I was quite apprehensive about it however since the ingredient list kind of had some chemical components in it. It comes packaged in a pink coloured carton box. Inside the spray bottle looks like our regular deodorant bottle with a spray nozzle at the top. The product is actually by a new company called “Vini Cosmetics” which has also made some of the products you must have heard about on the television such as Glam Up Powder cream and Dellica Powder face wash.

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The colour, appearance and feel of the product is exactly like water. It has a little bit of a floral fragrance to it which I guess is because of the perfume mentioned on the ingredient list. On spraying it, I see some bubbles forming which makes me wonder if this has any soap like agent in it.

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How I Use it

I tried using it as a toner initially after cleansing my face, it did take out the last traces of dirt however didn’t make my skin feel so refreshed and clean as a nice toner would. I tried using it randomly as a freshner after sun exposure, it did provide a soothing feeling on the skin but I guess even a normal flower spray would do that. I then tried spraying it on my face and then wiped my face with a cotton pad. It did remove the dirt from the face but not as good as a cleanser would do.

I feel Nufeel facial spray is an okay product to have in your bag. It can be used as a mild cleanser and you can also spray it on the face for some calming sensation on the skin. Now let me mention here, the calming sensation is because of the fluid which evaporates from the skin when you spray this on. Same would happen if you spray rose water or otherwise normal water on the skin. Also, after cleansing with this product, skin does not feel very dry.

So I guess I don’t really love this product and neither do I hate it. Nufeel facial spray is also available for men as a separate variety and I think the men’s bottle is blue in colour. It can be easily carried along in a handbag and I guess instead of rose water, you may try using this for a while if you’re interested.


PROs of Nufeel Facial Spray for Women

1. Travel friendly packaging.
2. Works as a mild cleanser and face freshner.
3. Does not make the skin very dry.
4. Can be used anytime and by all skin types.
5. Gives a cooling sensation on the face for a while when sprayed.

CONs of Nufeel Facial Spray for Women

1. I don’t think this is an effective cleanser.
2. Costly for what it does.

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review

MBF Advices

If you really want to try this product, you may go ahead. Personally I feel rose water would be a better alternative. This has some chemicals and I don’t really feel comfortable in putting unnecessary chemicals on my face.
You may carry it in your handbag if you are going to be out for long and use it as a spray on cleanser after which you can wipe the face with a tissue or cotton pad.

Will I Repurchase this?

I would rather go for rosewater or lavender water.

Do I Recommend this?

If you are someone like me who like to try out new products, you may sure go ahead and try this.

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