How to do Basic Eye Makeup – Step Wise

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Hi my angels, today I wanted to talk to you guys about very basic eye makeup. I know a lot of you love doing makeup but still struggle in the steps like – Should I apply eyeliner before or after the eyeshadow? When do I apply mascara? What goes after eyeliner? When do I do my eye brows? Well the questions may be numerous. So I am here sharing with you guys steps which I follow. I will do a basic write up on How to do Basic Eye Makeup – Step Wise the way I do it. If you have some more suggestions or tips, kindly mention them in the comments below. Let’s begin..

How to do Basic Eye Makeup Step Wise

Most important thing to know about eye makeup is – You need to be patient. The eye makeup may look like its not looking so good in the beginning but once you are done, it is going to look gorgeous if you do it the right way. Of course, you can be creative in your own ways. 🙂

How to do Basic Eye Makeup – Step Wise


Do One step on both eyes and then proceed to the next step.

1. Start with clean skin

There is nothing more wrong than putting makeup on oily skin. Make sure to wash your face to take out all the oils. If the skin is fresh, the makeup will look fresh and radiant too.

2. Prime your lids

Use a good primer before doing your eye makeup. Primer on the lids ensures that the eye makeup stays for a long time and it also prevents creasing or caking of the eye shadow. According to makeup experts, using an eye primer is the best way to prevent eye makeup from smudging or melting. Primers also make the colour of the eye shadows pop and the shade looks so much better and brighter in pictures.

Make sure you apply primer moderately with light hands. If you apply too much primer, it could be disastrous rather than being beneficial.

3. Do the Eye Brows

I like to do my eye brows before I put on any colour. Its just the way I prefer it, many beauties like to do it in the end. The reason why I like to do it in the beginning itself is, I am all calm and composed and I really like to concentrate where to fill in properly or lightly. Also in the begining, I can judge better about the bilateral evenness of my brows.

4. Apply the crease shade of eye shadow

After priming the lids, I first like to go for a slightly darker shade and use it for my crease. Usually the shade of eye shadow applied on the crease is darkest among all the eye shadows that you want to use for your eye makeup that day. Blend, Blend and blend to get a natural finish.

5. Apply the Main shade of eye shadow

Now apply the main or actual eye shadow which you want to pop on your lids. Make sure the crease shade goes well and compliments the main shade of the eye shadow. I am a huge fan of shimmery eye shadows and I mostly like to apply shimmery shades on my lids as the main shade. Make sure to blend the crease crease eye shadow well with this one to achieve a smoothened out eye makeup look. You may choose not to blend heavily in case you are going for a cut crease look.

How to do Basic Eye Makeup Step Wise shimmer eye shadow

6. Use Eyeliner or Kohl on the Upper Lid margin

When you are done with the eye shadow and satisfied, take an eyeliner and line the upper lid margins. Apply a thin line in the beginning, you can always thicken the line later on. I like to make a thin line with my eye liner first, then make the outline of my wings. Repeat this on the other side. When I am sure both eyes wings look even, I then fill in the eyeliner and thicken the line to as much as I want.

Take your time and do not hurry while applying the eyeliner. For the upper eye lid margins, use a liquid or gel eye liner or something which is very creamy and smooth.

How to do Basic Eye Makeup Step Wise false eye lashes

7. Use Eyeliner or Kohl on the Lower Lid margin

Now take your favourite kajal, kohl or pencil eye liner and line the lower waterline or lid margin depending on how intense you want the look to be. For an everyday look, line only the waterline. For a more dramatic look, you can apply the kohl intensely. You can always smudge it out a little if you want.

8. Apply Mascara

This is my favourite part in the eye makeup. Apply your favourite mascara on the lashes. Make sure you reach and cover all the lashes. Mascara makes a huge different in eye makeup. It makes the eyes look so much more open and the eye makes looks 5 times better when you have good mascara on. You can use multiple coats of mascara depending on how dramatic you want your lashes to look. I like to usually apply 2-3 coats of mascara on my lashes.

9. False or Faux Eye Lashes

If you are going to apply false eye lashes, apply them in the very end. After sticking the false eye lashes properly, I like to inspect the eyeliner and apply some more if its needed. Also, sometimes when I want a super dramatic look, I apply mascara on top of my false eye lashes as well.

How to do Basic Eye Makeup Step Wise eyeliner

10. Under Eye concealer

Last but not the least, under eye concealer is the most important step. It makes the eye makeup pop and the makeup looks much brighter and radiant. Concealer ensure that any under eye darkness or marks do not shadow the glory of our amazing eye makeup we just did.

Thats all folks, I hope you enjoyed this very basic eye makeup article. Please keep in mind that these are not rules. Different people have different ways of doing the eye makeup. These are just the steps that I do and which I feel work great for me. You can always go ahead and try new things, because nothing is better than being creative. 🙂

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  1. That is such a useful post dear 😀 I agree on the eyebrow filling part with you! Even I do the same. I like to shape my brows before the eye makeup so that I can understand how much eyeshadow intensity I want on my lids with a defined brow 🙂


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