Karwa Chauth Step by Step Makeup Tutorial by Professional Makeup Artist

Karwa Chauth Step by Step Makeup Tutorial by Professional Makeup Artist Aditi Jain: Karwa chauth is a festival celebrated in many countries. On this auspicious day married Hindu and Sikh women fast from sunrise to moonrise for safety and long life of their husbands. For this day ladies want to look their best. So they pamper themselves with new dresses, bangles, jewellery, henna and what not. So ladies now that your attire is ready and jewellery is decided, lets create the makeup look for this karwa chauth. You can read more about Karva Chauth Here – The Day of Love – Rajasthani Marwari Style !! Happy Karwa Chauth 🙂


Hey ladies!! My name is Aditi and I am a makeup artist. Today I will be creating a makeup look that you can try this karwa chauth. The look which I am going to show today is easy and will suit all skin tones. I am going to do this look on my mom. 🙂




To Prepare the Face Canvas and Even out everything.

1. Prime the face using a moisturizer and a primer as per your skin type. I have used JOHNSONS BABY MOISTURIZER and KRYOLAN’s UNDERBASE PRIMER.

Karwa Chauth Step by Step Makeup Tutorial by Professional Makeup Artist

2. Take an orange color corrector and apply on dark areas such as under eye, area around the lips and forehead if required. I have used L.A GIRL’s shade: GC990 ORANGE COLOR CORRECTOR.


3. Use a damp beauty blender, sponge or a brush to blend the product. Use patting motion on darker areas.


4. Now apply a foundation of your face color. Note:- To match the perfect color, make a swatch on your neck instead of face. Blend the foundation well. I have used shade 626A from KRYOLAN’S SUPRA FOUNDATION PALETTE.



5. Now it’s time to highlight and contour. For highlighting take a concealer/ foundation 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it on the highlighting areas as shown in the picture below. I have used FS38 from the KRYOLAN’S SUPRA FOUNDATION PALETTE. For contouring take 4-5 shade darker color foundation/ concealer and apply it on the contour areas as shown below. Contour of cheeks is different for different face shape. To apply it according to your face shape, first make a fish face and then apply the product on the hollow line formed just below your cheek bone. I have used shade NEGRO2 from the same palette.


6. Now first blend the highlighting cream and then blend the contour using the sponge or the brush.


7. It’s time to set the foundation, so take some loose powder and pat it on the highlight areas. Don’t dust off the excess as the excess powder will help you getting rid of the eye shadow fall outs. I have used KRYOLAN’S TRANSLUCENT POWDER TL2.



Some Glittery Festive Eye Makeup

For eyes I am going to use MAC WARM EYE SHADOW X15 palette.

8. Start with filling your brows using a brown- black eye shadow and an angular brush. I have used MAC brun eye shadow.


9. Now I will be using the MAC WARM EYE SHADOW PALETTE for eye makeup. Let’s start with highlighting the brow bone. Take any highlighter and apply it on the brow bone. I have used shade HEY from the same MAC palette.


10. Now apply a diffusing color just above the crease line I have used SADDLE from the same MAC EYE SHADOW palette.


11. Now apply a contour color on the crease of the eyelid and blend it. I have used DARK BREW from the same palette.



12. Now apply either black or dark brown at the outer corner of the eyes and blend it. This would give you that smokey look. To give the smokey effect I have used DANCE IN THE DARK from the palette.



13. Now take the main color and pat it in the inner corner of the eyes and then blend it. I have used the golden color MAC amber lights.



14. Now apply glitter on the eye shadow. I have used GRAFTOBIAN’s BROWN SUN loose glitter. (optional)


15. Now dust off the excess powder. This will dust of the excess fall outs of eye shadow if any. And also leave the facial canvas highlighted where its needed. Also, you can use a dark eyeshadow like MAC Brun for the lower lash line.



16. Now apply eye liner and mascara. You can use any liner be it liquid, pencil or gel. I have used INGLOT’s BLACK GEL EYE LINER NO.77 and MAYBELLINE the COLOSSAL VOLUME EXPRESS WATERPROOF mascara.


17. Now take a powder contour and apply it on the blended cream contour. I like to use MAC STUDIO FIX POWDER shade NW 43


18. Now it’s time to get those blushing cheeks. To give those pink cheeks I have used MAC PINCH ME blush, but you can use any according to your face. To apply it in a right manner all you have to do is smile, then place the brush loaded with the product on the apple of the cheeks and blend it upward in a tick mark motion.


19. Now either by using your finger or a brush apply highlighter on the cheek bone. You can use the same highlighter as the brow bone. I have used MAC MINERALIZE SKINFINISH CHEEKY BRONZE for highlighting.


20. Let’s complete the look by doing the lips. Start with lining the lips with a lip pencil and then fill the lips with it. This will make the lip color last longer. I have used KRYOLAN’s FACELINER shade:30.


21. Now fill your lips with lip color of your choice. To complete the look I have used a bright red i.e. MAC RUBY WOO lipstick.


To complete your full look don’t forget to style your hair or just get a blow dry done. You can comment below your queries regarding the look, if any. Don’t forget to share your views about the look in the comment section below and also let us know if you tried out this look and if it worked for you.




Here is All the Makeup Products that I used.


Before and After Makeup


Aditi Jain aka MUA Addii is a Professional Makeup Artist based in Noida. She is well known from High Quality Bridal Makeup to Upclass Fashion shoots. She also does personal makeup and makeup Lessons. She has worked as a MAC Makeup Consultant and is very good at what she does. You can find out more about her and contact her through her Facebook Page – Makeup by Addii Jain . She is a regular author at MBF Blog as well, you can find more reviews from her Makeup Kit here – MBF Author Aditi Jain

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