Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches

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Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches: Hey everyone. Very good morning. So I am reviewing another base makeup primer today. The last primer I reviewed was the Loreal Base Magique Primer. I did like it but the price was very high for the quantity provided. Hence I decided to give another primer a try. Therefore, I bought this one which is from the brand Freedom Pro, London. I am really very obsessed and in love with MUA, Makeup Revolution and Freedom these all are sister brands. Also, they make amazing products at a great price range. Therefore, without wasting anymore time, lets get into the review for the freedom professional pro base makeup primer.

Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches MBF

About Freedom Pro Makeup Primer

Professional Primer Base – the “Makeup Artist’s Secret Weapon” to provide the perfect base canvas,
moisturise and protect the skin, and make your foundation last longer.

How to Use Freedom Pro Makeup Primer

No instructions given on the package. Hence, I use it normally like I would use other makeup primers.

Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches MBF Blog

Ingredients in Freedom Pro Makeup Primer

Propylparaben,Meethylparaben,Cyclopenentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer

Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches Ingredients

Price of Freedom Pro Makeup Primer

£ 4.00 for 25 mL in UK
€ 6.49 for 25 mL in Europe
₹ 850.00 for 25 mL in India

Pricey for a drugstore brand I feel.

In Detail Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches and My Experience

It comes in a classic black cardboard box outer packaging. It has the brand name and all the necessary details written on back of it. Inside the primer tube is white in colour. I like the packaging of the primer in fact. It’s very hygienic and safe for you to use. It comes with a screw cap. Hence, there I see no need to worry about the product getting spilled in your bag. The packaging is very handy, sleek and travel friendly.

The Freedom Makeup Pro Base Primer comes in 2 variants. One is the normal variant “Pro Primer” for dewy look, which is this one. Second one is their “Mattifying Primer” for matte look. Both are available for the same price.

My experience

Starting of with the review of the freedom professional pro makeup primer. I was looking at some primers where the sales assistant insisted me to try this out. She told me this primer is basically for dewy look. they have two primers in the same range one is for matte look and one is for dewy look like I mentioned above. I basically have a combination skin and my skin is oily on the T zone area. Hence I need primer on an everyday basis for my makeup to stay longer.

However, the concept of matte and dewy primer attracted me. I have lots of primer for matte look hence for a change I went ahead and bought the one for dewy look. This primer is transparent in colour. Their primers are not available in any tinted forms. The consistency of the primer is a bit thick. But it blends easily into the skin without much effort.

The primer has a very silicone like feel, which I love. After applying this primer, my foundation blends beautifully and easily onto the skin. Now speaking about the concept of dewy. I did not find anything dewy or different in this primer. It’s just a normal primer nothing unique. It does control oil very well as well as helps my makeup last longer. It increases the wear time of my makeup by 3-4 hours at stretch.

More Photos, Swatches

Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches Front

Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches back

Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches Open

Freedom Pro Makeup Primer Review, Swatches Skin

Pros of Freedom Pro Makeup Primer

1) Decently priced.
2) Nice and smooth texture.
3) Helps my makeup glide easily into the skin,
4) Increases the wear time of my makeup.
5) Good packaging.

Cons of Freedom Pro Makeup Primer

1) Gives me normal look. The sales assistant told me that it will give dewy look which is not true.

Do I Recommend Freedom Pro Makeup Primer

It’s a decent primer for me nothing great. But you can definitely give it a try.

MBF Advises

1) If you want something to help your makeup glide easily into your skin use a base makeup primer. This would also make your makeup stay longer.
2) I use my fingers to blend the primer, its easy and quick.
4) Take a very small amount at first. If you apply a lot, the makeup may end up slipping from your face.

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