Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review
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Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review: Hey guys, lets talk skin care today. I have combination skin and its leaning towards drier side this winter season. Nivea is a brand which I think we all trust by default. I picked up this face wash in a small size of 55 mL while I was travelling.

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review

Been using this for a couple of weeks now and today, I am here to share my views about it. Please note that this is a unisex product and can be used by both men as well as women.

About Nivea Refreshing Face Wash

When we respect our skin’s natural moisture balance, it helps to keep it fresh and hydrated all day long. This is why NIVEA has introduced revolutionary Hydra IQ moisture technology into our Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. It effectively purifies and invigorates for a fresh skin feeling.

  • Enriched with Vitamin E & Hydra IQ the Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
  • Cleanses deeply while being mild on the skin
  • Invigorates the skin thanks to its refreshing formula
  • Respects your skin’s own natural moisturisation
  • The skin is deeply cleansed and refreshed, helping it to look healthy and beautiful.

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review Info

How to Use Nivea Refreshing Face Wash

  1. Apply gently to wet face, neck and décolleté
  2. Massage in small upward circles, avoiding the eye area.
  3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Ingredients in Nivea Refreshing Face Wash

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review Ingredients

Price of Nivea Refreshing Face Wash

$ 8.89 for 150 mL in USA
£ 2.10 for 150 mL in UK, Scotland
A$ 7.49 for 150 mL in Australia
₹ 165.00 for 150 mL & ₹ 85.00 for 55 mL in India

In Detail Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review and My Experience

The face wash comes in a regular tube packaging. It has a blue – transparent ombre effect going on. I love the face that it has a flip open top. The size I got is the smaller size which is super convenient while travelling. The flip top shuts tightly so I do not have to worry about it spoiling my bag. Nivea included a detailed ingredients list on the back which I always appreciate.

Nivea refreshing face wash has a gel like consistency. I love how amazingly clean and refreshing it smells. However do note that the smell is an added scent because I can see “parfum” as an ingredient in the list. The face wash lathers up very nicely due to which its easy to throughly wash the skin properly.

How I Use it

So I bought it while I was travelling. However I thought I might just finish it off instead of keeping it hanging around. Hence, its been a little more than 2 weeks since I have been using it. I use it twice daily – morning and evening. Like any usual face wash, I take a small pea sized amount of it on my palms and work it on my wet facial and neck skin while it lathers. I massage it for a minute or so and then wash it off with normal temperature water.


The face wash effectively removes all the dirt and impurities from my face. It does not feel like its drying out the moisture from my skin at the same time. The best thing I like about this face wash is the fact that it literally feels very refreshing on the skin. In fact, I love using this in the morning because it kind of wakes my skin up! Also, while using this, I did not notice any breakouts on my skin.

I tried to remove makeup with it as well. It is able to remove light makeup with one wash. However I do need to wash my face properly 2 times with this face wash in order to remove all visible makeup from my skin. I would not recommend this for regularly taking your makeup off.

Although this does not make the skin feel super dry and stretchy, I still strongly recommend using a moisturiser. Use a moisturiser according to your skin type, but definitely do not skip it. This is a cleanser which does not significantly dry out the skin, but at the same time do note that this is not providing any extra moisture to the skin. Hence using a moisturiser is a must.

Overall Verdict

Overall I feel this face wash is basically meant for ladies who have slight combination skin to normal skin type. However, all skin types can use it. But if you have dry skin type, definitely make sure to appropriately moisturise your skin afterwards.

Try the smaller size variant at first. Then you can always purchase the bigger one. The product is very affordable and definitely something which belongs in my travel kit. If you have tried it before, do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review MBF Blog

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review MBF

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Review Swatch

PROs of Nivea Refreshing Face Wash

1. Very convenient as well as informative packaging.
2. Love how clean and refreshing it smells.
3. Gel consistency which lathers up easily.
4. Cleanses the skin really well.
5. Does not make the skin feel overly dry.
6. Is able to take off light makeup.
7. Affordable.
8. Available in different sizes.

CONs of Nivea Refreshing Face Wash

1. Contains a lot of chemical ingredients.
2. Dry skin beauties need a good amount of moisturisation after using this.

MBF Advises

1. Never sleep with makeup on.
2. Whatever face wash or cleanser you use, never skip a moisturiser.
3. If you have active acne, please consult a dermatologist before trying out any new product for your skin.

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