Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Glycerine & Aloe Vera Review

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Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Glycerine & Aloe Vera Review: Hi Beauties, I am reviewing a new launched product from Nivea today named as Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Aloe vera And Glycerine.

Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Glycerine & Aloe Vera Review

I have not tried any hand cream before and wanted to try once as my hands were becoming very dry this winters so I was searching a good hand cream on Nykaa and came across this new product from Nivea and this was very affordable too so thought of giving it a shot.

About Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Aloevera & Glycerine

Protect and restore your hands with Nivea’s scientifically formulated hand creams. Containing ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter and jojoba oil, all of Nivea hand creams are gentle on the skin but intensely hydrating to ensure your hands are left feeling silky smooth, and non greasy. For well protected and soothed hands all day long!

  • Ultra-nourishing and moisturising hand cream that soothes dry skin
  • This hand cream with deep restore serum is designed to nourish dry skin.
  • Glycerinee and aloe vera present in cream forms a protective layer that prevents further damage
  • Heals and repairs dry skin caused due to extreme environmental conditions
  • Replenishes lost moisture, keeps skin smooth, soft and hydrated for longer.

How To Use Nivea Hand Cream

Apply generously on the palms, back of hand, fingers and wrist and other areas that are dry.

Ingredients in Nivea Hand Cream

Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Glycerine & Aloe Vera Review

Price of Nivea Hand Cream

₹90.00 for 75 mL

In Detail Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Glycerine & Aloe Vera Review, Swatches and My Experience

This Nivea hand cream comes packed in a white tube which bears all the important information regarding the hand cream on front and back of the tube. It has a twist open cap which has a nozzle to take out right amount of product needed.

The hand cream is definitely travel friendly as it closes well it’s sturdy and compact which is opt for travelling. Also as per it’s priced at, the packaging is good.

The hand cream smells floral and I just love the smell of this hand cream it’s refreshing and make your hand smell good for longer period of time.

The hand cream is white in color and has a very light lotion like consistency. It spreads very easily and does not feel heavy or leaves and greasy residue behind. The hand cream contains aloe vera as well as glycerine which is known to provide remarkable moisturising.

How I Use it & Effects

I like to take a coin size amount of this hand cream and I spread it between my palms and apply it all over my hands. It instantly removes the dryness of hands and keeps them moisturized till the next wash.

I do not have extremely dry hands and this variant provides the right amount of moisture which I need. I keep applying it during the day time whenever I wash my hands or whenever my hands feel dry.

But if you have extremely dry and flaky hands than this might not provide you that hydration. This hand cream is opt to be used any time of year wheather it’s winters summer or monsoon.

I also apply quite a lot of it on my hands and elbows at night when I’m hitting bed. I keep this hand cream on my side table and apply it whenever needed.

More Photos, Swatches

Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Glycerine & Aloe Vera Review
Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Glycerine & Aloe Vera Review back
Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Glycerine & Aloe Vera Review swatches before after

Pros Of Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing AloeVera & Glycerine

  1. Good packaging.
  2. Travel friendly.
  3. Soothing scent.
  4. Light lotion like consistency.
  5. Spreads easily.
  6. Absorbs quickly.
  7. Does not leaves any greasy residue behind.
  8. Provides right amount of hydrating.
  9. Opt for all season.
  10. Affordable.
  11. Availability.

Cons Of Nivea Hand Cream Refreshing Aloevera & Glycerine

  1. May not provide enough moisture for extremely dry flaky hands.

MBF Advises

I’m really happy with this hand cream it is affordable and perform well for the price it comes. This is perfect pick if you are looking for a decent non-oily hand cream that also provides adequate hydration.

The only downside is that is it not moisturizing enough for very dry skin and it is also excellent to be used any time of the year.

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