Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush Review

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Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush Review: hi guys, hope you all are safe and doing well. I saw these beautiful rose pattern makeup brushes from wet n wild. This rebel rose range only has two makeup brushes. I already had one in my shopping cart and then there was only this one left, so I thought of completing the duo.

Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush Review

It looked beautiful for my dressing table and obviously the quality of the brushes is expected to be decent as the brand makes pretty good makeup brushes in a variety of quality.

Claims for Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush

A dark rose bloom amongst the thorns with our Limited-Edition Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush. A rare beauty can be found blossoming from its petals in the form of ultra-soft and densely packed synthetic bristles that work to effortlessly apply and blend eyeshadow colors.

The dome-shape of this delicately designed blending brush allows for precise and accurate application of powder cosmetics to the eyelid and outer “V” of the eye area.

This unique rose-inspired eyeshadow brush allows for even product distribution and effortless blending of powder cosmetics.

How to Use Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush

Use the Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush to apply cosmetics to the eye and outer “V” area of the face. Be sure to clean brush regularly to remove any excess product buildup

Made of Synthetic fibers

Price of Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush

$7.99 in USA
₹ 899.00 in India

Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush Review MBF

In Detail Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush Review and My Experience

It comes a single box packing which is a plastic cylindrical box. Its transparent with black lids on both the sides, out of which one has a hole punched into it which acts as a stand and holds the brush inside upright so that you can actually see the brush looking like a rose, the concept with which it has been designed. The details are written on a sticker which is randomly anywhere on the box and the name and the little bit of rose motifs are printed in pink metallic shade.

The fibers are very soft and fine but feels natural though being a cruelty free brand they use synthetic material and no animal product is used or being tested on. the brand mentions clearly on all its packaging that its cruelty free.

Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush Review blog

They are extremely soft and high quality; the bristles are shaded and go from black on the bottom to pink tis give it that pink flower like color that we can see. the ferrule and the handle of the brush is shaped like a rose and it actually has a bit of thorn like design on the handle/stem of the brushes.

The designing is gorgeous. It feels like it is made to sit and look pretty in your vanity box or your dressing table, because honestly I have been so reluctant to use it and it was just sitting there packed on my table just looking pretty for a very long time before i opened it and used it.

So, when I opened it, the very first thought was – its so soft. I cannot emphasis enough as to how soft the bristles of these brush are. when I tried to apply the colour, it doesn’t pick up a lot of colour and if the shades are towards the light side, it doesn’t look like it transferred any colour at all.

The brush is not tightly packed, it is not the kind of eyeshadow brush you’ll prefer to pack on the shades onto your eye lid but the ones we use for blending but if you blend too much the colour spreads everywhere. I am not so sure about using this in my makeup routine, have to very careful while using this, so other than this being beautifully designed, another reason why I don’t use this often.

It does work as a nice highlighter brush though, so if you aren’t too particular about using this as an eyeshadow brush do use it as a highlighter brush or as a blending brush or for correcting a patchy spot. the brush is very soft and won’t move the base of your face too much so that’s something in its favor.

It’s a round and fluffy kind of dome shaped brush. It’s a little bigger than your normal eyeshadow brush even a tad bit bigger than a large eyeshadow brush. But since I prefer using it for everything else the size doesn’t trouble me as such.

Be careful while cleaning or washing these brushes, you have to be extra careful while doing so. use gentle wash, dilute it well and do not leave in the liquid or shampoo or water for long. Rinse it properly, pat it dry on a tissue paper or paper towel and leave in on the stand overnight to dry out completely.

Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush Review MBF Blog

Pros of Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush

  1. Fragrance free
  2. Cruelty free
  3. Vegan
  4. Can be purchased easily
  5. Very beautifully designed
  6. Unique concept
  7. Soft fine synthetic bristles which feel very natural
  8. Comfortable on the skin, do not scratch the skin at all

Cons of Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Eyeshadow Brush

  1. Quite pricey
  2. Aesthetical approach rather than usability
  3. Have to be cleaned very carefully
  4. Bristles might shed if not handles with care
  5. Not an ideal eyeshadow brush
  6. Blend away the product

MBF Advises

To get a flawless application always dust off the excess product and blend in a back and forth circular motion with a light hand. This a great brush to use for applying highlighter to the high points of your face as well.

If you are planning to use it in a versatile fashion do make sure that you clean it before you switch to a different product.

Do not use it for glitter or shimmer eyeshadow, will not transfer much of it. But if you are going for a tint of colour, this will be a staple in your makeup routine.

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