All 3 Nykaa Lash Talk Mascara Review, Demo

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All 3 Nykaa Lash Talk Mascara Review, Demo: Hey guys, so Nykaa Cosmetics just launched their new Mascaras in the market and I am super excited to bring you my review about them. They launched 3 variants and I am trying on all the three.

  1. Nykaa Lash Talk Super Sizer Volumizing Mascara
  2. Nykaa Lash Talk Curl Power Curling Mascara
  3. Nykaa Lash Talk Like it Long Lengthening Mascara

I think the video pretty much covers it all. However I’d still do a write up for my lovely audience who prefers to read.

All 3 Nykaa Lash Talk Mascara Review, Demo

Nykaa Lash Talk Super Sizer Volumizing Mascara Review

The mascara comes in a black and yellow tube. The wand is a basic straight wand made of plastic. In fact for all the three mascaras, the entire packaging is plastic packaging. This volumizing mascara in particular was the one I was least impressed with.

On the positive side, it did give me good lifting effect and gave my lashes a super black colour. However it failed to give any real noticeable volumizing effect. So if you’re someone with naturally thick and full lashes, you might try this. Or else please read on further to know if the other 2 mascaras are better than this.

Nykaa Lash Talk Curl Power Curling Mascara Review

This mascara comes in a pink and black tube. The wand here has a curl to it. Now this mascara isn’t as underwhelming as the yellow volumizing one. This gave the same lifting effect to my lashes as the yellow one. In addition, this also had a slight curling effect on the lashes. The curling effect looks quite natural and doesn’t look too made up.

Also, the volumizing effect of the curling mascara is pretty much the same as the volumizing effect of the volumizing mascara. Its safe to say its a better version of the yellow volumizing mascara with the additional curling effect.

Nykaa Lash Talk Like it Long Lengthening Mascara Review

The lengthening mascara basically put a smile on my face. This comes in a green and black tube. It has straight wand. This mascara may not have a significant curling effect, but boy oh boy! This has such a lovely lengthening effect on my lashes, I am totally living for it.

The lengthening effect it has is very noticeable and puts an instant glam into the eye look. In addition I also want to mention that the volumizing effect this has is almost the same as the volumizing effect of the previous 2 mascaras, or may be slightly better. I don’t have anything to put in the “Cons” list of this specific mascara because it checked all the “claims” list pretty much completely.

Overall Verdict for Nykaa Lash Talk Mascaras, Should you buy it?

I feel like the most remarkable thing about the New Nykaa mascaras is their formula. Its thinner than the mascara formulas we are used to. Hence they do not cause clumping of the lashes. If you’re someone who’s not particularly fond of spidery lashes, then you’re in for luck with these mascaras. However they aren’t going to saperate out and coat individual lash hairs either. What I am trying to say is, they are wayy less clumpy than the other drugstore mascaras we’re used to.

These are waterproof and do not come off at all with plain water. They do not give stiffened up lashes. Lash hair feel soft even upto 3 coats of these mascaras. They are vegan and cruelty free as well.

But, I have to say they’re not anything out of the box. I mean if you already have a collection of drugstore mascaras, then these aren’t anything spectacular that you totally have to try stat. You may try them if you’re into trying out new makeup or I suggest you wait for some deals on Nykaa when you want to purchase them.

The best out of the three Nykaa Lash Talk Mascaras

According to me, if you want to get one of these mascaras, definitely get the green one – the lengthening mascara. This performs the best. This is the only one which makes the lashes look nice and bold.

If you’re looking for slight curling action, you may want to check out the pink one. But I wouldn’t suggest getting the yellow one at all because it was the least impressive one out of the three.

These mascaras are best used over false eyelashes because they aren’t very clumpy. Individually, the green one is the only variant I would wear on its own.

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